Back to School Series Pt. I: School Supply Favorites

It's hard to believe that we're already diving into August but here we are! In a few short weeks the Fall semester will be starting up and if you're anything like me, this time of year brings a mix of emotions. At the end of the spring semester, I'm often yearning for summer and I try to savor it while it lasts. However, I do look forward to fall as its my favorite time of the year!

For the next three weeks I will be doing a three part series of posts related to Back to School, highlighting some fashion, beauty, tips, awesome products to pick up and more! First up: School supply favorites!

Alright, I don't know if this makes me seem weird or not, but I'm a total sucker when it comes to school supplies. I'm pretty sure that even if I wasn't a student any longer, I would still get giddy over the prospect of a new planner or a crisp new notebook. New pens? I will always be seeking out the perfect one! Crayola crayons? I wish the smell came in candle form! I wanted to share with you some of my favorite products that will not only help keep you organized but, that also are fun to use!

1. A great pen - there is a lot to be said for a great pen. One that doesn't bleed through your paper or smear easily when you're writing (which is a serious issue if you're a lefty like me!!). Even with the heavy dependence on computers, you still need to do some actual writing from time to time so you need a writing tool that is also going to be comfortable and have some longevity to it!

These Staedtler pens are heaven sent in my opinion! I've been using Staedtler products for some time now and just love how long they last, their pigmentation and how smooth they write. I recently picked up their mobile office which contains two types of pens (a ball point pen and a triplus fineliner), a mechanical pencil and also a highlighter. This little set can be propped up on your writing surface and is packaged so you can throw it in your bag for on-the-go use! I love that everything you need is in one little kit!

2. Highlighters that work - I have an embarrassing number of highlighters in my possession. You can find them cheap enough around this time of year and I tend to pick a bunch up and use them until they are faint or muddy and then toss them aside. When I saw these textsurfer highlighters on Amazon, I just had to have them - honestly, it was the color options that really got me!

These highlighters are another Staedtler product and one that I'm super excited to use. Not only do they come in a great variety of colors (I love to color code when I highlight), but the size is perfect as well. They have a chisel tip that won't bleed or smear the ink you are highlighting, making them perfect for going through hefty print outs when I'm working on a research paper. The colors are so fun that I'm pretty sure I would make excuses to use these even if I had nothing to highlight! Another really cool feature? They are REFILLABLE!! Yep, you heard right! Making these nifty highlighters also eco-friendly as you're not throwing them out to get new ones. That definitely earns a point or two in my book!

3. Post-its - oh man, what can I say about post-its other than a) I own way too many of these and b) I  can't stop buying them! I am an obsessive list maker which is something I often use post-its for, but they're also great for marking an important part of a textbook (I refuse to write in a textbook - or any book for that matter and personally am horrified when I see that others have!), writing a quick thought about something, jotting down a reminder...and they come in a slew of pretty colors, shapes and sizes. They're not a breakthrough product by any means but definitely something I consider a must-have for school!

4. A good notebook - Everyone has a personal preference when it comes to notebooks. Personally, I prefer simple notebooks with college (or thinner!) ruled pages.

I picked up these National Brand Brown Board notebooks from Amazon and they totally fit the bill. Additionally they were super affordable (always important for a student!). If you think these are too boring you can always jazz up the covers as well - they're just waiting to be doodled on! Personally, I also like these notebooks thanks to the nostalgia they bring me from when my mother was in college. I used to browse through her notes as a little kid (I was an odd kid clearly) and always thought that they were much cooler than the obnoxious composition notebooks we were forced to use in elementary school (I cannot understand the appeal!).

5. An amazing planner - ok, this is a super important one in my opinion. Even if you're not a student, having a decent planner is key. I have tried so many planners over the years and there is one brand that I will always return to whenever I stray, and that is Moleskine. 

Moleskine planners now come in a slew of different sizes and formats, but personally I go for the hard cover, 18 month academic planners with the weekly notebook format. They give you a full seven week view on one page and a whole page for note-taking on the other. Perfection. The hard cover keeps everything protected, while the attached bookmark keeps you on track. These planners last for 18 months instead of a year, gearing more towards students and I generally purchase a new one every Fall so I can start fresh (even thought they go through the Fall semester).

6. Tech accessories - last but not least I wanted to share with you something a little more fun, that isn't technically school/student related. As a student and a blogger, I am definitely connected to the online world. I'm forever on my iPhone, iPad and my computer - sometimes using more than one at a time. At first I saw iPads as being redundant since I had my iPhone and a computer already, but it's a purchase I definitely don't regret making. Just like your phone or your computer, it's important to keep them protected and there's no reason why you can't do it in style.

I recently picked up this Kate Spade iPad mini case/cover after seeing it on Nordstrom. I'm not joking when I saw that I saw it, squealed and immediately purchased it - which is not normally how I shop online (I tend to do a TON of browsing before committing to purchases). Oh my lord, this case is even better than the photos made it appear. It fits perfectly, has a nice little stand that isn't flimsy or bulky and the texture is like butter. I feel like I've got a whole new iPad now! Unfortunately, I cannot find the mini version on the Nordstrom website anymore but I did find it here!

What are your favorite things to pick up for back-to-school? Do you have must have products you can't live without? Share them in the comments!!

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