Back to School Series: Pt. II: Fall Fashion 2014

So it's time for another installment of the Back to School series! If you didn't read the first part you can do so here. Today I wanted to talk about fall fashion. Now before I even get into anything, let me premise this post by saying that I am by no means fashionable. My style often varies but I can say one thing, it's often casual with comfort as my first thought. However, these picks are things that I feel would be durable additions to anyone's closet. The hues call out fall but the pieces themselves could function through multiple seasons, which I think makes them versatile choices!

Source: Madewell

1. Texturework Sweater in Marled Sage - First up, this sweater from Madewell. This is actually considered to be a light-weight summer sweater, but when I see it I instantly think of warm lattes & the scents of fall. It comes in a multitude of colors but the green is my top choice.

Source: Gap 

2. Highrise Skinny Cords in Frozen Navy - When it comes to basics, I tend to really like what Gap releases. They not only stick to nice neutral colors & earth tones (which are my favorites), but they offer up great quality. What makes their clothing even better in my opinion, are the amazing deals you can get on them. I recently picked up these cords for 40% off - which for a new release is pretty dang good in my book! I'm really liking them in the frozen navy color, which isn't a color I own in terms of pants. I've been wanting a pair of cords similar to these for a long while so I'm happy that I not only acquired some but at a great price to boot!

 Source: Anthropologie

3.  Farrago Tee in Navy - Anthropologie is a store that overwhelms me every time I go in or look at their website. It's just too much pretty in one place! I really like the textures of this top and feel that it could easily go with a bunch of different things. I've yet to purchase something from Anthropologie that I didn't get compliments on!

Source: Asos

4. Rose print kimono from New Look - this kimono actually goes against what I would generally wear but I love it so much anyways! Maybe it's the rose print (I love rose print) but I also love the kimono trend that I've been seeing so much of lately. I also don't think the price is too garish on this particular one which makes it even better.

Source: Nordstrom

5. Topshop Jamie Jeans in Black - Oh me, Oh my! These jeans! Let me just say that I am so thankful for Estée (Essiebutton) who wouldn't stop talking about these jeans. Without her I'd still be wearing mediocre jeans! I have these in both blue and black and the short length is PERFECT for me. These jeans are like none I've ever worn before - so comfortable...almost to the point that I don't want to change into comfy pants at home... almost.

Source: Nordstrom

6. Sam Edelman Penny boots in Whiskey - these boots are everything I've been looking for in a fall boot. The whiskey color is the right shade of brown (not to dark, light or orange) and they are simple enough to have longevity through changing styles. I also appreciate that they are available in various calf widths which I have noticed is not common.

Source: J.Crew

7. Classic cardigan - last but not least is an item I think everyone should own at least one of: A simple cardigan. This particular one from Jcrew comes in a ton of different colors so it's likely that you can find at least one to suit your tastes. Black is always a safe bet, but I also really love the dark artichoke color as well.

I aimed to share some great versitile pieces that I think will be perfect for fall. I hope that they at least give you some inspiration for the upcoming season!

What are your must-have clothing items for fall? Please share in the comments!

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