Back to School Series: Pt. III: Fall Beauty Favorites

Fall is one of my favorite times of the year. The colors, the scents, the savory foods...it's such a cozy season! Another reason that I enjoy fall is for the makeup releases that come out. Fall collections (and holiday ones) are definitely some of my favorites! So for today's final installment in the Back to School series, I wanted to share with you all some of my picks for Fall makeup. I wanted to choose items that I not only found to be gorgeous but that I also felt were great picks for quick, easy, school friendly makeup looks. Let's get into it!

If you missed the first parts of the Back to School series, you can read those here and here!

 Source: Nordstrom

3.1 Philip Lim for Nars Nail Polish (Limited Edition) in Crossroads - I am totally a sucker for nail polishes and definitely have far more than one person needs, but I cannot turn away from a good color. Which is exactly what happened with this polish! I recently saw it on the Nordstrom website and just HAD to have it. This color is part of a limited edition collection that is a collaboration between Philip Lim and Nars and definitely my favorite of the group. I think deep colors like this one are perfect for fall!

Source: Tarte

Tarte Rainforest After Dark Palette (Limited Edition) - Oh my, what can I saw about this palette?? First off, photos just don't do it justice. I was so excited when mine came in the mail (I ordered from Sephora as it was out of stock on the Tarte website) and couldn't get over how gorgeous even the box was! The size of this is pretty large and gives you nearly everything you need to do a whole makeup look. It includes a bronzer, blush, highlight and eyeshadows. The colors are so pretty and I think the color scheme is perfect for a nice fall look. You can go dramatic or leave it pretty neutral (which is generally my preference) for the daytime.

Source: Nars 

Nars Night Series eyeliner in Night Bird (Limited Edition*) -  Nars generally has great eyeliners so I feel they offer a sound choice if looking for a new liner. However, I chose this liner not for a standard black but for the colors available in their night series collection, specifically this purple which I think is breathtakingly beautiful! It's a black liner with purple pearl which makes for a total winner in my book! If you have brown eyes like I do, this color is even more up your alley because purple really makes brown eyes pop! 

*I write that this is limited edition because I have seen it say that in some places, however, I did not see that on the actual Nars website, so if anyone can confirm this in the comments that would be great!

 Source: Sephora

Bobbi Brown Blush in Coral Sugar - It took me way too long to start trying out Bobbi Brown products and over the past few months I've been trying to make up for that (pun intended!). I saw that She released some new blush colors and this one in Coral Sugar caught my eye. I think it's a great color for the fall/winter and really am enjoying how easy this blush is to work with!

If you have ideas on what I should try next from Bobbi Brown, I'd love to hear it in the comments!!

 Source: Too Faced 

Too Faced La Creme Lip Balm in Pink Slip - I think that a nice tinted lip balm can be worth it's weight in gold! These La Creme lip balms from Too Faced are a new release that I cannot wait to try. While fall is definitely the time to try out darker colors in lip products, I think a tinted balm is perfect for the busy days where you just don't have the time for too much primping and need to get out the door quick. Lightly tinted products that also moisturize your lips are additionally great for the changing of the seasons and colder temps which if you're anything like me, can easily bring chapped lips!

Well those are my picks for Fall beauty that I also think would be great for an easy on-the-go/daytime/school look. I hope you enjoyed this back to school series and if you have any requests for posts in the future, please do let me know!

 I would love to hear what products you're lusting after for Fall! Please share in the comments!!

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