Coffee Shoppe Reads #1: The Queen of the Tearling Review

During the summer and other breaks from courses, I try to do as much pleasure reading as I can. I like to read a bit of everything but lately I've been really enjoying YA and fantasy books. I think there is something incredibly enjoyable about breaking away from reality and diving into a totally different world. I generally track my reading on Goodreads and when I complete a book, I rate it on their star rating. However, I have yet to actually review any of the books I have logged. In all honesty, it is partially due to feeling nervous to share my thoughts on a book. There are so many blogs and vloggers out there who do such an amazing job at reviewing/talking about books that it is difficult to not feel intimidated! Regardless, I thought it was time I put together some reviews of my own, which I will be doing here on the blog periodically through my Coffee Shoppe Reads series.

Let's jump into it!

A few weeks ago I was browsing twitter when I saw a post from Emma Watson in which she mentioned that The Queen of the Tearling was being released. I knew nothing about this book but after some quick reading, I learned that she was cast to be in the movie adaptation of the book. First off, I love Emma Watson (who doesn't??) and secondly, I prefer to read books before seeing the movies whenever possible. With knowing just the above vague details, I decided to grab this book. Totally on a whim, and totally a risk work taking. 

The Queen of the Tearling, written by Erika Johansen, tells the tale of a girl, Kelsea Glynn, who after years of living in hiding comes to rule the kingdom once ruled by her family. The land she is slated to rule, the Tearling, is in dire shape after the influence of other lands and general societal issues. Not only does she have to prove herself to her own people but she needs to overcome a multitude of other hurdles from neighboring lands as well. It seems that she faces an impossible task.

I don't want to give too much away, so I'm going to keep things pretty vague in my synopsis. Personally, I really enjoyed this book. I have seen the reviews on Goodreads and I seem to be in the minority in that opinion. I felt that the book was written well and kept me interested throughout. Interested enough that I stayed up until 4am numerous nights reading. One night, I started reading at 1am and before I knew it, three hours had gone by! It sucked me in completely and I really love when a book does that.

I have read that this book is part of a trilogy and I cannot wait to read the next installment! It was the perfect blend of fantasy and reality in my opinion. It transports you to a different world, but not one that is so far removed from reality that it's hard to comprehend fully. I would highly recommend this book! I look forward to the movie adaptation and hope another book isn't far behind! 

Pick up the book: The Queen of the Tearling

If you've read this book, please share your thoughts in the comments - I'd love to hear them (yes, even if you hated it)! 

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