Photojojo Review.

Alright, so something that I may not have touched on yet in the blog is how much of a photography nerd I can be at times. When I was younger I used to go through rolls of film (remember that stuff??) weekly and always paid extra for the one-hour photo because I couldn't bare to wait longer than that to see if my pictures turned out. I took a black & white photography course in high school, that I LOVED.

Later on in life, I got a DSLR and would go out with the sole purpose of taking photos. Unfortunately I can say that a few things have led to my abandoning that camera for the most part. 1) I got a smart phone that takes pretty damn good photos in my opinion and I feel far less worry taking that around with me everywhere versus my DSLR. 2) I took two photography courses in college that actually, to be completely honest, for me - took all the joy out of the practice. It was far too technical and I don't personally feel you can grade someone and their art based on whether or not you like what they produced, which is exactly what the professor did. I didn't want to touch my camera for a long while after taking those classes! 3) Lastly, for a trip to New York last winter I purchased a smaller canon camera that had the capability of taking video and I hate to say it, but it took even better photos than my DSLR did!

Anyway, while I love all types of cameras I can honestly say I really enjoy what my phone can do! There is definitely something magical about film and nothing can ever replace that in my opinion, but I am far more likely to take photos with my phone - and there is no worry of wasting a roll of expensive film! I recently came across a company that provides photography accessories for your phone and was instantly intrigued! Photojojo sells lens attachments that work with smartphones, in addition to tripods, filters and more.

About a month ago, I purchased a couple of lenses from Photojojo and after taking some time to try them out, I'm ready to share my review. All the photos below are unedited and just as they appeared on my iPhone 4s. I purchased their telephoto lens, as well as their wide angel/macro lens (it is a two in one) and photos from all three are below:



- The lenses don't take up much space, meaning that you can easily pop them in your pocket or handbag to have them with you wherever you go! 
-Each lens comes with a tiny little lens cover
-The lenses attach by a thin magnet sticker, but they don't damage your phone or leave any residue. 
-The lenses can attach through most cases or you can use it without a case on your phone. 


-Sometimes the lens cause some interference in the photos (as seen above with one of the buddah shots) because it can be difficult to see if they are on exactly right. 
-I had great difficultly working with the macro lens. You really have to get right into what you're shooting, a bit more than I had honestly expected. 
-I wish they came with a little pouch to protect them further when keeping them in your pocket or handbag. 

Overall I did find these lenses fun and don't regret my purchase. However, as far as recommendations go, I would say that the wide angle lens was definitely my favorite. Personally I didn't feel that the telephoto was astounding in it's capabilities, and the macro I found difficult to work with. Given that each lens is $20.00, I would definitely start with the wide angle and go from there!

On a customer service perspective, I definitely give Photojojo a thumbs up! They shipped my items very fast and I cracked up when I opened my package to find a little plastic dinosaur toy inside (yes, I am an adult - I swear)! I would love to try out more products from them in the future and am currently lusting after any of the instant cameras (I REALLY miss my Polaroid camera!!).

Have you tried any Photojojo products or iPhone photography accessories? What products would you recommend?


  1. I really like how your photos turned out. Maybe I'll check it out too, especially the wide angle lens. And I totally agree with you: Nothings compares to the old fashioned polaroids and films!

    1. Thank you! Agreed - I've been toying with the idea of getting a instant camera but I just can't decide which! :)