Vegan Cuts August Beauty Box Review

I recently signed up for a subscription with Vegan Cuts, a company who offers vegan focused monthly boxes. I opted for their beauty box version and now that I've received mine and have played around a bit, I've put together a review.

Vegan Cuts is a Canadian based company that offers both snack and beauty focused monthly boxes. While I am not vegan, I love trying to find cruelty free options when it comes to beauty products, so I signed up in hopes of discovering some new products!

In my box I found six samples. One of them however, the fresh feet wipes were actually a bonus for signing up for my first Vegan Cuts box.

The first item up is this soap from Etta and Billie. I received a sample slice in the rosemary and lemon scent, which I actually really enjoy! I did feel that this was a bit of a small sized sample and would have liked a little bit more product. Upon looking at their website I see that Etta and Billie actually offer a wide variety of soaps (I REALLY want to try the coffee one!!!!) in addition to a ton of other body products. I would love to explore this brand more and see what else they have to offer!

Estimated value of sample: $1.00 

The next item is this aromatherapy spray from Balanced Guru. I received the scent fearless, which is supposed to help you find balance through "stillness and security". Personally,  I'm not a fan of this scent (the box states that it has lavender, geranium, palmarosa, roman chamomile, neroli and petitgrain) so I passed it along to someone who I know will enjoy it.

Estimated value (according to their website): $10.00 for 8ml

This product, Pacifica's Alright Multi-Mineral BB Cream, is actually the item I was most excited for! I love everything that I have tried from Pacifica and have really been interested in trying out some of their makeup products. This BB cream worked well for my skin tone and felt really great on my skin. However, I will say that due to it's shimmer, I am more likely to use it as a highlight rather than an all over BB cream. I found the shimmer to be quite noticeable. It's definitely not a dislike though (I LOVE the packaging)!

Estimated value of sample: $5.00

Ok, so next up is this bath salt from Enfusia. I have to say that honestly, this is not a product I will be testing out, even if I desired to, as I only have a shower. I will definitely pass it along to someone who does though. I wish that more subscription boxes would take the time to survey their customers about their general likes/dislikes, allergies and if there are any products they just don't want to see. It's frustrating to get something that I can't even test out if I wanted to!

Estimated value of sample: $1.00 

These wipes were actually a bonus item for signing up for my first box, so they weren't in all of the August beauty boxes. Foot wipes are definitely a new product to me and one that I would never have thought of. These wipes from Jasmine Seven supposedly have antibacterial qualities as well as aloe and vitamin E. I can definitely see these wipes as being a great addition to your beach bag, or a product to bring along camping.

Estimated value of sample: $2.50

Last but not least is this Mineral Hybrid Cream from Emani Vegan Cosmetics. This product is apparently versitile in that it can be used for eyes, cheeks and lips, however I personally look at it as a eyes only product (perhaps in part due to the color I received). I received the fearless color and I do like that you can get very different colors depending on what portion you swatch of the pan. You could do some interesting eye looks with just this one product! While some of the colors are quite shimmery/metallic, I did not see any fallout happen at all which is another plus. I would definitely consider exploring more of this brand!

Estimated value of sample: $18.00 

Overall I felt that the selection of products in this box were decent. However, for my personal preferences, it left a lot to be desired. I would have liked to see more makeup products as it seems more difficult to find decent cruelty free beauty products rather than body products. Out of the items I received, there are three items that I could see myself repurchasing (the eyeshadow, the soap and Pacifica BB Cream). Two of the items I received I will be passing along to others as they aren't items I can use/don't suit me.

Cost of a Vegan Cuts Beauty Box: $19.95/month (plus international processing fees)

Overall value of August box (excluding free sample of wipes): $35.00!! Not bad! 

While the value was definitely more than the cost, I am still on the fence about whether or not I would like to continue my subscription. I would love to hear everyone's thoughts on Vegan Cuts in general and their beauty box! Please share in the comments!

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