What's in my beach bag!

In my neck of the woods it has been a bit of a weird summer. At times it has been unbearably hot, yet for a major portion of the time, it has been unseasonably cold and more often than not...rainy. Yuck! I actually don't mind rain, and mild temperatures are fine by me. However, when it comes to going to the beach, these conditions aren't exactly prime. So while I'm definitely thinking fall now and school is right around the corner, I can't ignore when the perfect beach day comes up!

This past Sunday was just that! A perfect beach day. Temperatures in the 80's, perfectly sunny and not too windy (I hate when the wind is relentlessly whipping sand at you!). So it was easy to decide on a beach day with the family and I thought that it was a great opportunity for a quick little post on what I like to lug to the beach with me!

A good pair of sandals - these Birkenstock sandals are amazing! They get more comfortable every time that I wear them. I was a bit hesitant when purchasing them but have zero regrets and would highly recommend trying a pair! I purchased mine from DSW, but I cannot find them online anymore. A similar pair is available on Zappos!

A big beach bag - this is definitely another must. I need a bag big enough for my reading materials, towel, clothes, sunglasses and body products that I lug around. This bag from Target definitely does the trick! I was able to fit everything I needed without any issues and could have probably fit even more!

Sunglasses - As important as it is to protect your skin, you cannot forget about your eyes as well! It took me years (not joking) to finally find a pair of sunglasses that I didn't feel ridiculous in and I am in LOVE with these Ray-Ban wayfarer sunglasses in tortoise!

Suncare - I used to actually go without sunscreen, hoping to get a nice tan, but after multiple times getting far too burnt I've learned my lesson and now am a bit obsessive about sunscreen. My favorite is from Alba Botanicia and smells like lavender. How can you go wrong?? For after the beach I'm currently liking this coconut passion lotion from Victoria Secret. It's thick and very moisturizing which after a long day in the sun is a must. (this lotion is similar but I couldn't find the exact one I have) I also think it's important to take care of your lips while you're out having fun in the sun. I brought along my Body Shop lip butter in coconut (but unfortunately it got too hot!!) and also my Lipstick Queen lipstick in hello sailor. I LOVE this one - it brings out the perfect lip color in everyone and for a lipstick is incredibly moisturizing. I ended up using this one while at the beach and found it to be just as good, if not better than some of my standard lip balms.

Reading material - last but not least, a good book or magazine is mandatory for a day at the beach in my opinion! I brought along Four by Veronica Roth and also a magazine for some browsing. Oh...and you can't forget water and a nice iced coffee!! ;)

What do you consider a beach bag must? Share in the comments!!

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