Lipstick Queen: A Review.

Hello everyone! I'm pretty excited to share this review with you today! Recently, I've been testing out a few products from a brand I have wanted to try out for quite a while now: Lipstick Queen. I heard the buzz....I saw all the hype...I caved and purchased a few products! So let's get into it!

First off, can we please talk about the packaging?! I have to admit that I kept all the boxes for my lipsticks and honestly, don't want to part with them. The detail in the design is so gorgeous!

I chose to try out two lipsticks: Medieval, and the incredibly intriguing Hello Sailor. I ended up getting Chinatown as a sample as well. I ordered directly from Lipstick Queen and was beyond impressed with both the speed of their shipping, and also the care they put into fulfilling my order. Everything came packaged so nicely! Attention to detail is so important in my opinion and when a company takes the time to make their customer feel appreciated, it really earns them points in my book!

Now lets talk about the products...

I'll start with the sample sized product - which was actually a pretty sizable freebie (.11oz)! I received the Chinatown gloss in the shade chase, which is described as a sheer lush watermelon color. This product is great for a quick application on-the-go, that will not only give you a little pop, but also moisturize your lips at the same time.

One of the appeals of Lipstick Queen in my eyes was the ways that they incorporate ingredients that are going to make your lips not only look great but also feel great too. There are plenty of drying lip products out there...believe me, these are not in that category!

Blue. Lipstick.    .....what the!?!? Yep, you're not seeing things - this lipstick, Hello Sailor, is really blue. However, as intimidating as it may seem, this lipstick is actually sheer and somehow, utilizing its magical powers, gives your lips a slight berry tint and even makes your teeth appear whiter. I brought this to the beach (and mentioned it in my What's in My Beach Bag post), and seriously appreciated the vitamin E that it contains as it was quite the lifesaver during a day of sunshine! I can definitely see myself picking up another tube of this one because it has become one of my favorite lip products to use!

So I saved the best for last I think! Medieval is a sheer red lipstick inspired by the ways women used to achieve a red lip during medieval times. It's meant to look natural and flatter all skin tones, which are both claims I can confirm as true. I personally don't feel I can rock very bright, opaque or intense colors and this lipstick gives me the natural subdued color I prefer, and also pushes me beyond my comfort zone at the same time. I found the color to be slightly buildable and felt that it definitely suited my skin tone.

 (swatches are not edited so you can get a real idea of coloring)

I am very impressed with what I have tried so far from Lipstick Queen and look forward to trying out more from this line! If you've never tried them before, I strongly suggest grabbing Medieval or Hello Sailor as your firsts!

If you have any suggestions of products from Lipstick Queen that I should try out next, I would love to hear them!

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