Farmers Market Finds: Dennis Scherer Studio

There are a million reasons why the summer months are my favorite time of the year. Warmer temperatures, playing in the gardens, the sound and sights of the birds (my fight with the squirrels would fall under the negative column), summer concerts, camping, just the general opportunity to spend more time outside…. it’s the time of year where the world seems to come to life. Farmers markets are just another positive during the summer.

I recently went to the opening day of the Clarence farmersmarket in Clarence, NY and while it’s still early for much of the fresh produce you expect from a farmers market, it was still a great experience due to the many local vendors, live music and the beautiful weather we were graced with.

One of the vendors that we checked out was Dennis Scherer, a local artist who is making unique metal jewelry. According to his website, Scherer has been working with metal in some fashion since the 1970’s so he certainly has experience. He started to venture down a more artistic road in the 90’s and I will say that I’m glad that he did because his work is not only unique but also incredibly gorgeous.

I’m not much into the traditional jewelry you would find at a jewelry store. I appreciate more interesting pieces…pieces that are vintage or natural in some way are generally the ones that catch my eye, so his work was right up my alley! 

I picked up two bracelets, one for myself and one for my mom and I could easily see expanding on that in the future. If you’re into more unique jewelry and want to support a small-scale artist, I suggest giving his work a look! If you're in the WNY area, his work is also in various retail locations.

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