Summer Skin Care Favorites/Routine (Cruelty-Free)

Now that we are (finally) experiencing warmer weather and can actually witness that little glowing ball in the sky (I mean, the sun) my skincare routine has called for a little amending. I've decided to put together a post on the products I am currently using...so I suppose this post is a summer skincare routine. Although, I will be honest and say that there are days where I skip particular steps or (gasp) opt out of my routine all-together. It is summer after all, there is little time to waste!

Face Wash

One of the on-going struggles I've dealt with in terms of my skin over the years has been black heads & large pores. Between my allergy to salicylic acid (willow bark derivative) and my recent switch to 100% cruelty-free products, finding products that work towards combating these issues has been quite the challenge. I have however, finally found two products that work better than anything I have tried before and that includes this face wash. While they aren't 100% perfect in terms of removing blackheads and minimizing my pores, they have produced a noticeable difference in my skin - for the better.

This face wash is the Hawaiian facial cleanser from Alba Botanica and it contains pineapple enzyme which they claim is pore purifying. I will attest to this claim because I do feel it has improved my skin! I love the smell and the texture of this face wash and I feel like the tropical aspect of the formula makes it a perfect product to include in your summer skincare routine. Not only is this product cruelty free, but its also free of parabens & phthalates, hypo-allergenic, and safe for vegetarian use! Alba Botanica is a company I have included on my cruelty-free guide not only for the absence of animal-testing in their products, but also because I truly enjoy what they have to offer!


Following my face wash in the evening, I use this argan face serum from Nourish Organic. It contains apricot and rosehip and claims to be safe for normal to dry skin, but I have sensitive combo skin and find that it works just fine for me. It's also organic (and of course cruelty-free) which is an added bonus in my opinion. The only thing I take issue with is how fast the product comes out when you pump it. They say that 1-2 pumps are all you need and I find that one is sufficient, but it comes out fast so you have to be quick!


Before my moisturizer in the evening I use this Boots Botanics hydrating eye cream. I like the texture of it, as it isn't too loose nor too thick and it doesn't have an overpowering scent as I have found some eye creams to have. However, I can't say that this is honestly my holy grail eye cream, which is something I am still on the hunt for (cruelty-free of course!).


The last step in my routine is this face cream from Alaffia. Alaffia has quickly become one of my favorite brands for a number of reasons, and this coconut face cream is a great example of why. First off, the scent is fantastic...but that might just be because I am a bit obsessed with all things coconut. Which, speaking of coconut - the coconut in this night cream is certified fair trade. But not only that, this cream is also vegan, soy & gluten-free and non-GMO. They also make significant efforts to effect social change, making them a fantastic company all around so you can certainly rest with a good conscience!


Scrubs aren't products that I use on a daily basis, more likely once or twice a week. I have sensitive skin so I don't want to overwhelm my skin with too much but also I don't think it is really necessary to use them all that often. I find that my skin is actually better when I use them less frequently. Less is sometimes more. However, when I do opt for a facial scrub, I find that this Hawaiian facial scrub from Alba Botanica is utterly fantastic. This is the second product that I found to help combat my black heads/large pore situation and I find that it really does make a difference in my skin. Again, the smell is awesome (it's the tropical vacation I've never been able to go on), the ingredients are good and it isn't too harsh of a scrub which is important when you're dealing with sensitive combination skin!


Like scrubs, I try not to use masks all too often. When I do though, I find that mask of magnaminty from Lush is a great option. It smells great and the peppermint in it makes it great for a cooling refreshing summer mask! It isn't too tightening, doesn't have to stay on all that long and is fairly easy to work with. Of course, I'm also a huge fan of pretty much all Lush in general, so it's not too hard to like this mask!


Last but arguably most important, is sunscreen. I was on the hunt for quite a long time for a facial sunscreen that wasn't too thick or greasy, didn't give me a white cast, didn't have too strong a scent and that in general, actually felt good on my skin. Enter this natural mineral sunscreen from Bare Republic/Coola. It has an SPF of 30 which is great. It is of course, cruelty-free which is the clincher with most sunscreen products out there. It also is mineral based so it doesn't feel like a mask on your face and I find it absorbs quite well into the skin. I have yet to try out it's water-resistant claim though so that's something I can't speak to yet.

Overall I am quite happy with the products I've been working with and I would reccomend them if you're on the hunt for some new summer skincare. What makes many of these products even greater is how affordable they are. With the exception of Lush, all of these products were purchased at my local grocery store or Target, which also makes them quite accessible!

I'd love to hear what products you're using for the warm summer months in the comments! I'm always on the hunt for new cruelty-free gems!!


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