The Buffalo Zoo: Coffee Shoppe Travels (Buffalo Series)

I remember quite vividly my trips to the zoo when I was younger. The polar bears, the lions & tigers and of course, the buffalo! My grandfather would always point out the buffalo and the giraffes when we would pass by the zoo and I was always excited for a glimpse at these exotic animals. I recently took a trip back to the zoo with my sister who is home on break from college and despite some issues, it was fun to spend a day among the animals.

If you're a Buffalo or WNY native, I encourage you to make some time for a visit to the zoo. If you're anything like me and haven't been in years - a lot has changed! If you're traveling to Buffalo I would suggest giving the zoo a try - it might not be as large as other zoos around the nation, but in a way, that works out because it's a more manageable amount of space. You could easily pair a trip to the zoo with other sights such as Delaware park or Hoyt Lake.

We got to see most of the animals we hoped to during our visit, with the exception of the polar bears who are not on display pending the completion of their new exhibit. Also, the elephants were only viewable indoors as the construction happening nearby for the polar bears meant that their outdoor space was off-limits to the public. I have to say that this part did disappoint me as elephants are one of my favorite animals. Additionally, I found the gorilla habitat to be a bit sad in all honesty. It was exactly how I remember it (dark...rather small given their size) and I often question why their space is indoors only. It would be nice to see them able to enjoy the outdoors when the weather permits! I think the new additions to the zoo will/are nice but I hope that the original animals receive the same sort of thought as well. Just my two cents!

The Buffalo Zoo is open from 10am until 5pm during the summer, with late hours on Fridays in July and August until 730pm (you can remain in the zoo for an hour after close). Regular adult admission is $10.50 and there are various discounts for children and senior citizens, as well as various membership packages that can be quite beneficial if you're visiting more than once in a season!


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