Brand Spotlight: Alaffia

I want to introduce a new series here on the blog, in which I plan to focus on one brand that I truly love and feel needs some attention. To start things off, I’m focusing on a brand that I discovered purely by accident, but which I have grown to be fairly obsessed with over time. 

Alaffia is a body care brand that produces fantastic natural products. They take great care to make sure their products are not only beneficial to their consumers, but also for the individuals who produce them. They take efforts to product fair trade, Non-GMO products, as well as to ensure that they are providing a fair wage and working conditions for their suppliers and employees. They go above and beyond what I would consider the bare minimum and have created programs to help support education, reforestation, maternal health and also gender equality in Africa where their ingredients are sourced. They also run a shea butter cooperative as well as help to support the Xerces society, which is fighting the decline of bees. Of course, they are also cruelty free! In my opinion, they provide a model for all businesses to follow! 

Since I first saw the brand and tried out one of their products (their coconut face wash), I have yet to come across any product I dislike - which is saying a lot! Natural products can sometimes be tricky, and there are often products that miss the mark a bit. Alaffia products do exactly what their supposed to do, with great ingredients and at an extremely affordable price! Everything I've tried was under ten dollars (even less if you are able to get them at Wegmans - which carries much of the line), which considered the amount of product you get, is an AMAZING deal!! 

 Alaffia nighttime replenishing face cream- this is my current face cream. Use this in the evening and your skin will be super smooth come morning.

 Alaffia volumizing sea salt texture spray - this hair product is one of my holy grail hair products. I absolutely LOVE the smell and sometimes use this purely for the scent!

 Alaffia night face cream - this night cream is a bit thicker than the other one I have from the brand. I find it's best for colder months.

Alaffia coconut face wash - gentle, yet it gets the job done well - even better than many of the more expensive face washes I have tried. What's more, it does NOT contain salicylic acid! 

 Alaffia coconut pineapple lip balm - super moisturizing, non-greasy and smells amazing!

This is merely a glimpse into the product line as they offer quite a large selection. I strongly recommend giving them a try, and if you have, I would love to hear what your favorites are!

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