Coffee Shoppe Travels: Camping @ Fair Haven Beach State Park

 Camping is one of those essential summer bucket list items (for me anyway) that I always try to make happen. This year my family and I, including our three labs, headed to Fair Haven Beach State Park for about a week. It was a great experience, with many firsts as our dogs had never been camping before! I'm totally a crazy dog person and when my baby, Nessie, went swimming for the first time (and even did quite the extreme belly flop off a dock), it was definitely a proud parent moment! 

Fair Haven Beach State Park is located in the Finger Lakes region along Lake Ontario between Central New York and Upstate/Western New York. They have both tent sites as well as cabins (some of which are fairly swanky - we opted for the more rustic options), swimming, fishing, hiking, boat rentals and more. For us, it wasn't too long of a drive - probably just the right length with three labs and four people in the car! Overall, I feel that Fair Haven is a fantastic park and I can say that I would certainly return. My only complaint would be that they need to fix signage pertaining to boat rentals - we really wanted to go out and kayak on the large pond but the times posted weren't accurate so we missed out. Perhaps next time! Oh and if New York State would allow three dogs that would be great. We had to pay for two cabins just so we could legally bring our three dogs! They're part of the family too! 

What made the trip even more exciting for me was that I had just recently upgraded some of my camera gear, so I was able to play and experiment far more than I would have been with my previous gear. This post would have been up weeks ago otherwise. I had over 2,000 photos to go through!! So let me stop talking and let's get on to the photos!


I would recommend looking into Fair Haven Beach State Park if you're looking for a place to camp in Upstate New York. It has definitely become one of my favorite spots that I've been to

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