Soapbox Haircare: Review

 When I first heard of Soapbox haircare, I knew that I not only wanted to give it a try, but that I also wanted to share my thoughts here on the blog as well. Haircare is a tricky topic for me. I generally seem to come across products I dislike in someway, more often than I find products that I enjoy. This product line had a lot of claims to live up to! They're cruelty-free...sulfate and paraben free....free of phthalates, EDTA and contain no artificial colorants! On top of that, they also post a code on the back of every bottle that you can enter on their site to provide a month's supply of clean water to a community in need. That's a lot of good packed into a small bottle. What's even more, I purchased these at Target for $4.99 a bottle! That's not a sale price either! I often find myself preparing for the worst when a company claims so much because its hard to believe they will be able to meet all of their claims. 

 I picked up the pair in coconut because I am pretty much obsessed with anything coconut scented. These did not disappoint in terms of scent! While I was skeptical that a product so cheap and with so many claims could do the job, I was happily surprised because these guys are AWESOME! The shampoo lathers nicely despite the junk it doesn't contain. I found that it cleaned my hair rather well and the smell of course, was great.

The smell of the conditioner however, was even better! Coming from using an herbal conditioner with a bit of a strange scent to it, I was excited for something a bit more pleasing. The big test for me with a conditioner is how my hair acts after stepping out of the shower. My hair loves to tangle itself up but after using this stuff I had little (if any) issues with knots or tangles. My wet brush had little to do after using this conditioner!

I found that my hair was staying just as clean as it was after using my other hair care products, perhaps even longer which is a plus in my book! I also was very happy to find out that this pair didn't irritate my scalp in any way, as I've had issues with in the past (I'm looking at you L'Oreal EverCurl!).

Overall I was very pleased by this duo and look forward to trying the other products in their hair care line. For about five dollars a bottle, I don't think you can go wrong!! If you have tried any Soapbox products before, I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments!

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