Deborah Lippmann Gel Lab Polish - Review

During the month of July, Nordstrom puts on an EPIC sale known as their anniversary sale. One of the first things I like to do during this sale is browse the beauty section where you can often pick up great deals on your favorite brands and new ones to try out. While I have been a fan of Deborah Lippmann polishes for years, I had never heard of their gel lab products until I browsed the anniversary sale. I thought I'd give them a try because the sale price just couldn't be beat! 

The set came with a base coat, top coat and a polish, which was only available in one color - a reddish pink called sexy back. Luckily I liked the color a lot! You can use the set with any color you choose though, so the base and top coats are quite versatile. 

I liked the way the base and top coats applied and I didn't feel that they had an overly offensive scent to them (at least beyond the typical nail polish smell) which is always a plus. Everything dried rather quickly and the color itself applied very nicely in two coats. 

The shine from this set was fantastic and I really liked how my nails looked afterwards. However, one of the biggest expectations I had going in to using this set was longevity and I don't feel this trio gave me that. While the application was fantastic and my nails looked great when first done, the results did not last very long. I had chipping the second day in, which is not what I would expect from something marketed as a gel polish. I had the polish on for about four days before I just couldn't deal with the chipping anymore. What was even worse though, was how the polish peeled off in some places in large bits! I didn't expect a two week manicure or anything to that degree, but I did hope for longer-lasting results, especially when you consider the cost ($24 for this mini trio). 

Because of how short-lived this manicure was, I unfortunately did not get the greatest of photos of it on my nails. I've included a shot I took with my phone (forgive me) to at least show what the color looked like in the beginning. 

Overall I wouldn't recommend this set for someone looking for a long-lasting manicure. I have found products that perform far better than this set (and often cheaper!). However in terms of application and the color, I did enjoy using this set. I just expect far better results from Deborah Lippmann as I consider the line to be one of the best (usually).

If you have tried their gel lab set, I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments! Tell me your favorite at home gel set - I'm still on the hunt!!

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