Five Songs for Friday #1

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Music is a huge obsession of mine, so I wanted to incorporate that into the blog. Five songs for Friday is a regular post (weekly, biweekly, monthly, etc.) in which I'll share some of my current favorites with you! If you've got any song/artist suggestions for me based on what I've listed here or in the past...I'm all ears! (pun INTENDED)!

Happy Friday everyone! 


Five easy ways to procrastinate.

Its been a hectic week. I've had a lot to get done and I feel like I've been racing from one assignment to another. I think I may have hit my limit because today, I wanted to do anything other than the group of things on today's to-do list. Procrastination might just be one of my better talents. I seem to work best when under pressure (which I wish wasn't the case because it seems I create my best work when I am). So since procrastination is an area in which I am an expert, today I share with you some tips because who knows, maybe you're one of those people who is extremely productive 100% of the time. In which case, show me your ways??

F I V E    E A S Y    W A Y S    T O    P R O C R A S T I N A T E:

1. Play a game. My current go-to is The Sims 4. I can spend many an hour on building a house alone. I also enjoy a nice bout of random wandering in GTA V from time to time.

2. Take a really, really, really long shower. Clean the house. Cuddle your animals. Tired? Take a nap! Essentially, there are plenty of acceptable reasons to put off what you need to do.

3. Watch YouTube - some of my favorites include Casey Neistat & Ben Brown

4. Bake something! Today I decided to make a batch of chocolate chip M&M cookies. Want the recipe? Leave a comment below! 

5. Finally, ... you could always write a blog post about procrastinating....


Let's Go: Chestnut Ridge Park

There is no time of year like fall. The changing leaves, pumpkins, sweater weather, comfort food...I could go on and on. Fall is hands down my favorite season, and it is a great time for exploration and mini road trips! The other day I went out and found myself (quite by accident) at Chestnut Ridge Park. Despite being a born and bred WNY-er, I had never actually been to Chestnut Ridge, so when I happened to find myself right down the road, I had to finally give it a go.

Chestnut Ridge is perhaps most known for the eternal flame, which I didn't check out - as I was most interested in the views from the sledding/skiing hill. I didn't stay too long since it was quite cold and windy out but I did get a few shots and watched a storm roll in over Lake Erie and the city.

In this photo, if you zoom in (or just know where to look), you can see the Niagara Falls, Ontario skyline - including the Skylon tower. I'm definitely going to head back on a clear day to get some more shots!

Fall is an amazing time of year to just go out and explore. You often don't even have to venture off very far to see some amazing sights. Just go!


Fleur De Force Beauty: Review + Swatches

I have been a avid lover of youtube for many years now, and while people come and go, Fleur De Force has maintained her spot as one of my favorites. Her channel is a primarily beauty oriented one, and it is clear that she works endlessly to provide quality content day after day. The proof is in her success and strong fan base! When I heard that she was going to be releasing her own line of makeup, I knew I had to try it, and when I realized it would be easy to acquire even here in the US, I was relieved!

The range, which is available worldwide through FeelUnique, offers up two eye shadow quads, six lip glosses and a makeup bag. I chose an eye shadow quad, a lip gloss and the makeup bag to try out. I also received a little makeup mirror freebie as well (sorry no, photos - it's somewhere in the depths of my purse!). I was shocked at the affordable price range for these products considering they were coming from the UK, and over all my order shipped fairly quickly as well. :)

The quad that I picked up is called 020 - Lunar Rose and oh my is it gorgeous!! It might just be the perfect little neutral palette as it offers up just the right colors to provide you with a multitude of looks. You can easily use this palette day or night and I think it can be suitable for women of any age. The rose gold shadow (third from the left above) is a STUNNER and my particular favorite of the four. I might just have to pick up a back up palette for that color alone because I never want to be without! Since I received my order, this palette has been the only shadow I have used. The staying power of the shadows is also fantastic and I experienced little-to-no fall out. Seriously - I put these shadows on early in the morning one day and they were perfect and like I had just applied them more than TWELVE hours later. This palette is magic!

The lip gloss that I picked up is in the shade 020 - Written in the Stars. It's a lovely warm, neutral, nude-y pink color. I really think this shade could suit anyone! The applicator is your standard doe-foot applicator, which I prefer over the brush style applicators of some glosses. The lip gloss has a thick consistency and I do find it a bit tacky but actually, in a good away. I find that it's longer lasting because of its texture. Oh...and the smell....the smell is INCREDIBLE! Perhaps even cruel, because it smells like chocolate - that delicious, creamy, milky type of chocolate. Mmmmmm......

Overall I am absolutely in love with the Fleur De Force makeup line and I cannot wait to get my hands on the rest of the range! I can see another order of Fleur De Force beauty products in my future for sure and I strongly recommend trying out the line for yourself!

Check out Fleur on YouTube, and her blog here!