Five easy ways to procrastinate.

Its been a hectic week. I've had a lot to get done and I feel like I've been racing from one assignment to another. I think I may have hit my limit because today, I wanted to do anything other than the group of things on today's to-do list. Procrastination might just be one of my better talents. I seem to work best when under pressure (which I wish wasn't the case because it seems I create my best work when I am). So since procrastination is an area in which I am an expert, today I share with you some tips because who knows, maybe you're one of those people who is extremely productive 100% of the time. In which case, show me your ways??

F I V E    E A S Y    W A Y S    T O    P R O C R A S T I N A T E:

1. Play a game. My current go-to is The Sims 4. I can spend many an hour on building a house alone. I also enjoy a nice bout of random wandering in GTA V from time to time.

2. Take a really, really, really long shower. Clean the house. Cuddle your animals. Tired? Take a nap! Essentially, there are plenty of acceptable reasons to put off what you need to do.

3. Watch YouTube - some of my favorites include Casey Neistat & Ben Brown

4. Bake something! Today I decided to make a batch of chocolate chip M&M cookies. Want the recipe? Leave a comment below! 

5. Finally, ... you could always write a blog post about procrastinating....

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