Let's Go: Chestnut Ridge Park

There is no time of year like fall. The changing leaves, pumpkins, sweater weather, comfort food...I could go on and on. Fall is hands down my favorite season, and it is a great time for exploration and mini road trips! The other day I went out and found myself (quite by accident) at Chestnut Ridge Park. Despite being a born and bred WNY-er, I had never actually been to Chestnut Ridge, so when I happened to find myself right down the road, I had to finally give it a go.

Chestnut Ridge is perhaps most known for the eternal flame, which I didn't check out - as I was most interested in the views from the sledding/skiing hill. I didn't stay too long since it was quite cold and windy out but I did get a few shots and watched a storm roll in over Lake Erie and the city.

In this photo, if you zoom in (or just know where to look), you can see the Niagara Falls, Ontario skyline - including the Skylon tower. I'm definitely going to head back on a clear day to get some more shots!

Fall is an amazing time of year to just go out and explore. You often don't even have to venture off very far to see some amazing sights. Just go!

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