#OptOutside - A Better Black Friday

Shopping admittedly might be one of my favorite activities. I'm a lover of a good deal. A good sale excites me. So, it might come as a surprise that I am advocating the boycott of a day theoretically all about getting amazing deals. While I do love some good ol' retail therapy, and I have gone out on Black Friday a few times in the past, I have seen how ridiculous the event has become. When I first went out on Black Friday, it was actually on...Friday (how crazy!). Now it has infringed upon Thanksgiving so much that it might as well be Black Thursday. I personally don't think any deal is good enough to justify taking millions of employees away from their families on Thanksgiving. (To be honest, I find that the better deals are online anyway!)

So given my thoughts on the matter, I was extremely happy when I received an email from REI announcing their plan to close all of their 143 stores on Black Friday and give every employee a paid day off. Rather than going out in the wee hours of the morning to shop, they are encouraging everyone to instead, #OptOutside. I am a full supporter of this campaign, and I'm not alone: over 700,000 people have announced that they too, are going to #OptOutside. So I'm writing this post to encourage everyone to join in and do the same!

There are plenty of things you can do instead of walking the malls of Black Friday. Go for a walk around your neighborhood! Take a weekend camping trip! Check out a nearby park! Go hiking...biking...explore a place you've never been before....the options are limitless!

You can join in the campaign by using the hashtag #OptOutside, and you can grab one of these nifty images to share on social media here!

What will you be doing on Black Friday? Will you #OptOutside?

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