The Great Vegan Cheese Adventure: Will it Melt?!

I am a total foodie. I like to think that I am fairly open minded when it comes to food and it most cases, I will try anything once. I definitely have foods that are tried and tested, which I will always go back to, but I'm also up for anything different/unusual/unique or new! That being said, I try to aim for better options - you won't see me trying some new flavored pop-tart, but you may see me trying a new non-dairy ice cream, or in this case, vegan cheese!

Vegan cheese has been an area of contention for me for quite some time. The last time I tried a cheese alternative I was so disgusted that I haven't tried again for at least a year or more. When I saw a new cheese at the market, it was with great apprehension that I even stopped to investigate. In the long run, I decided to be brave and today for lunch, I figured it was as good a time as any to finally give this cheese a test.

The cheese in question? Chao cheese. It's produced by Field Roast, whose products I had seen before, but never tried. I picked up the creamy original option (though after looking on their website, I really wish my store stocked the tomato cayenne version too!), which is a coconut based, tofu cheese. The price was quite steep, at $5.99 a package, but it will yield me at least three sandwiches, so its not completely offensive. I set to making my grilled cheese with wheat bread, earth balance spread, the chao cheese & a few slices of tomato. Now the most important question...

Did the cheese actually melt??

Yes, it did! I was very shocked when I tested out the cooked texture of the cheese to find it had melted and had a nice and creamy consistency. In the times I have tried cheese alternatives, I haven't yet found one that properly melted. So Chao cheese certainly passes that test! As for the taste of the cheese, I would have to say that I would definitely try it again. It was a bit different but that's to be expected. It was far from horrible though! I would love to get my hands on their tomato cayenne cheese though because honestly, I think that would be even better for a grilled cheese!

So if you're looking to find a non-dairy vegan cheese alternative, definitely give Chao cheese a try! I'd have to say that it's certainly the best I have tried so far! You can find out where to purchase it from here!

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