The Holiday Gift Guide Pt. 1: 10 gifts under $25.00

Given that Christmas is about a month away, I figure now is the right time to share with you my holiday gift guides. There will be two parts to this guide: an under $25 and an under $50. I tried to include something for everyone in this guide and I hope it helps you find the right gift or gives you a little inspiration for your own wishlist! ;) Please note: while there may be a few affiliate links throughout, I have not been compensated in any way for mentioning any of these products!


1. A smartphone tripod - nearly everyone has a smartphone now and we're all walking around with some impressive little cameras in our pockets.

2. An adult coloring book - there are plenty on the market now, so its easy to find one to suit whomever. I'm all about the animals though, so this one catches my eye. 

3. Personally, I think that everyone should read It's What I Do: A Photographer's Life of Love and War by Lynsey Addario its an amazing book. You can read my review of it here. 

4. Lotions are a quick & easy gift during the holidays, but the Righteous Butter from Soap & Glory is truly worth giving. The smell is AMAZING and it sinks right in without leaving your skin greasy. 

5. Another perhaps typical gift idea for the holidays is a candle. However, this candle from PF Candle Co in teakwood & tobacco is anything but typical. Buy two: one for a gift and one for yourself. Trust me. 

6. If you have someone on your list who is a big coffee drinker. This French Press might be a good idea. The process isn't as quick as a Keurig but it will produce a far more authentic coffee experience! 

7. This is a gift that can be great for anyone. A salt lamp helps to purify the air and looks great while doing so! Plus, the light is nice and subdued so its perfect for a nice evening glow or ambiance.  

8. This scrub from Lush is easily on my list of holy grail Lush products. The scent in my opinion is unisex and it leaves your skin feeling super soft. Perfect for winter!  

9. For the eco-conscious, a nice glass water bottle can be a great gift. These life factory bottles come in a multitude of color options. 

10. Winter is long and cold. It's far more tolerable when you're able to get nice and cozy. A heated blanket makes that possible. These are available in a multitude of colors.

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