The Holiday Gift Guide Pt. 2: Ten Gifts Under $50.00

Given that Christmas is about a month away, I figure now is the right time to share with you my holiday gift guides. There will be two parts to this guide: an under $25 and an under $50. I tried to include something for everyone in this guide and I hope it helps you find the right gift or gives you a little inspiration for your own wishlist! ;) Please note: while there may be a few affiliate links throughout, I have not been compensated in any way for mentioning any of these products!


 1. One of my favorite animals are elephants so this shirt from J.Crew is right up my alley. To make things even better, 100% of the proceeds from this shirt go towards the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust! I'm all about shopping that helps do some good! 

2. In a similar vein, these bracelets from The Brave Collection are another gift that does good. The sale of these bracelets helps to work towards ending human trafficking an issue that is still a very large and real problem in our world. They are handmade in Cambodia by local artisans and come in a multitude of gorgeous colors. The berry color I've featured is my current favorite - its perfect for the season and is the next one I hope to get!  ;)  

3. One of the things that I may have not mentioned on here is just how much of a Harry Potter lover I am. The series is something I grew up reading and I find the stories just as great now, as I did then. Recently, a special illustrated edition of the first book was released (with the rest of the series to follow) and it is breathtakingly gorgeous! This would be fantastic for any Potterhead on your list - young and old. It is certainly a collectors piece!  

4. This essential oil diffusing Humidifier is something I have been eyeing up for quite a long time. I finally decided to try it out and am so happy that I did (review to come soon)! You can use it simply as a humidifier, or you can add the essential oils of your choice to it. Right now I am enjoying tea tree and lavender. It also has multiple colored light options that you can leave on a cycle or stop for solid color. Sometimes I just leave this on as ambient light and its a nice little night light.  

5. For the beauty lovers on your list, this hair care set from Living Proof might be just the gift. I recently professed my love for this product line in a blog post and I truly do feel that the range is worth the hype. The set might seem small but its just the right size to allow someone to try something new without the commitment of full sized products.  

6. Staying in the beauty vein, this travel set from Nest in their Midnight Fleur scent would make a wonderful gift in my opinion. Scents can be tricky gift-wise but this scent is one of my all-time favorite perfumes and I find it difficult to fathom anyone not enjoying it. It's a unique scent with notes of patchouli (a favorite of mine) and vanilla orchid. The warm scent is perfect for winter! 

7. Do you have any dog lovers on your list? This travel dog bed might be the perfect gift for any pet-oriented people you're looking to buy for. It can be used at home, in the car, on vacation, or wherever else you dream up, and is quick-drying - a bonus when it comes to dogs (I think I have permanent muddy prints in my car from my dog!). Oh, and its on sale too! Win, win!! 

8. This reclaimed wood herb planter box is not only insanely gorgeous, but also incredibly functional. This kit allows anyone with a minimal amount of space to garden year round in their home and sow (ha - get it?) the benefits of fresh herbs. This kit is great for any gardening aficionados and newbies alike! 

9. Regardless of where you live, a nice cozy pair of slippers can be a must-have during the winter months. This pair from Minnetonka  keep your feet nice and warm, but also comfortable. They look great while doing so too! Grab these quick because right now, they're being price matched at Nordstrom!  

10. Last but not least, I wanted to offer up a slightly more unique gift idea. Subscription boxes are quite prevalent these days but this one from Yogi Surprise is different than most. Yogi Surprise is a yoga lifestyle subscription box that brings 6-8 full sized products to your door every month. They offer products that are vegetarian and also, non-GMO for a value of roughly $70, and a monthly cost of about $45! Give a month to someone on your list for a unique surprise delivered right to their door!

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