#GivingTuesday: Five Organizations to Support.

The holiday season can be a chaotic time of year. It's easy to lose focus, or to get caught up in the more commercial aspects of the season. I thought it would be nice to pay some attention to some easy ways in which you can make an impact, no matter how busy you might be. In honor of #GivingTuesday I've put together a quick list of five organizations to support now, and year round!

1. Doctors Without Borders - This organization goes into the most dangerous spots in the world to help anyone and everyone that they can, without scrutiny by providing medical care. Learn more here. Donate HERE. 

2. Hope House/Kids With Cameras - The idea for Hope House came from the powerful impact of the documentary, Born Into Brothels and the Kids With Cameras organization. Hope House is currently running an indie-go-go campaign to raise money toward the building of a safe haven for children from the Red Light District in India. Donate HERE! 

3. No More - The No More campaign was started by actress Mariska Hargitay of Law & Order: SVU fame. The goal of No More is to raise awareness of domestic violence, with the goal of ending it completely. They estimate that 12.7 million people are abused, raped, or stalked by a partner every year. You can learn more here, shop here, or get involved here!

4. Greenpop - Greenpop is an organization in South Africa that was started by Jeremy Loops and others. They are committed to the environment and to date they have planted over 56,000 trees. Learn more here. You can donate a tree here!

5. Beagle Freedom Project - The Beagle Freedom Project is doing important work on a global scale. They aim at ending animal cruelty and saving the many dogs who are used for testing in facilities all over the world. Often, the animals chosen for these experiments are beagles. They recently won an award for their efforts from Lush! You can learn more here, donate here, or even shop here! 

BONUS: #GiveABook campaign - this one is an easy way to help out, that only requires the use of social media. The #GiveABook campaign is supported by Penguin Random House publishing. Simply use the hashtag #GiveABook on Facebook or Twitter between now and December 24, and Penguin Random House will donate a book! They have also put together this map, that can help you find out where you can donate books locally for the holiday season! 

Hopefully this list helps to inspire you to find ways to give back this holiday season. I would love to hear how you give back both during the holidays and year round, in the comments!!

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