Holiday baking: ginger cookies

There are probably over a million different types of cookies you could bake for the holidays. Last year I made at least a half dozen different kinds over the course of two or three days. I really enjoy baking and the holidays are certainly one of the best excuses to do so!

One of my favorites that I discovered last year were these ginger cookies. I came across the recipe posted on Gimme Some Oven and without reading any comments for feedback, knew that  I had to try them. I was so happy I did and aside from the brookies that I made influenced by Lily Pebbles (which required a bit of math thanks to conversions), they were one of my top favorites. They're chewy without being so chewy that they battle your teeth and the taste is a perfect balance between the ginger, cinnamon and cloves - nothing overpowers. They are dangerous though - because despite the fact that one recipe yields quite a few of these babies, they can dissapear awful quickly!

I can certainly advocate for the inclusion of these cookies into your holiday baking plans! Trust me they are worth it!! You can find the recipe here.

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