With Your Hands // Holiday DIY

Yesterday was a draining day in which I spent far too many hours stuck at my desk working on a huge paper that was due...of course, yesterday. I usually thrive under pressure when it comes to school assignments, but I was suffering from a serious case of writers block and while I knew what I was writing about, I just couldn't seem to find the words I needed. A long day turned into a long night and I decided that what I really needed after such an exhausting day was to just take a day to decompress and do something creative and fun. I'll be honest. This DIY that I'm sharing today is less about the end product and more about the process. So I encourage everyone to take some time, specifically during this hectic holiday season, to sit down and get lost in something creative.

Remember making snowflakes as a kid? It's a fuzzy memory but I'm fairly certain its something I did. After a conversation with my sister over Thanksgiving break, we decided to try and do it again. It was pretty amusing to be honest ...maybe its easier when you're a kid. I'm not sure. I saved the ones we made over break, and cut out a few more, then I busted out some watercolor paints, turned on the Christmas music and started painting them.

I honestly cannot remember the last time that I painted anything other than a wall and it was nice to just take pause and play around with no care about the end result. I took the painted paper snowflakes and hung them with fishing line in a window (which I'm fully aware is dirty.... cleaning it would have gone against my do-nothing day). It might look juvenile but like I said, it was more about the process than the end result. I will say one thing though: buy some decent brushes!! I had picked up a cheap pack of brushes from an arts & crafts store awhile back and you certainly get what you pay for. They were falling apart and shedding like crazy!

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