Let's Go: Falafel Bar

Like most people, I have a "bucket list" of places I would like to go at some point in my life. Perhaps unlike most people, I also have a food list as well. New kinds of foods I want to try, new restaurants, etc. Falafel Bar is a place that I first visited years and years ago when they were in a different location and since they've moved, I've not only wanted to give them a re-visit, but I wanted to share their food with my mom and sister. Since we have been experiencing the very rare instance of the three of us being on a vacation at the same time, I figured it was the perfect time to give Falafel Bar a go!

Falafel Bar is a Mediterranean restaurant in the Buffalo area that is known for their good food, having won armfuls of awards over the years. Their new restaurant (alright, they've been settled there for awhile now, but it's new to me!!) is far larger than the place I had visited before, and gorgeously designed and decorated! The booths are HUGE and perfect for sharing a bunch of different plates.

We started off with an order of tabbouleh (my mother's favorite), and tzatziki (my favorite). The pitas were warm with a slight crisp and perfect for dipping into perhaps the best tzatziki I've ever had! Admittedly when I've had tabbouleh in the past, I didn't care for it very much but this stuff went against any past experiences. It was light, yet flavorful and tasted incredibly fresh. I couldn't get enough of it!!

(please pardon the cell phone shots!)

For our entrees, my sister got the hummus pita, my mom got the chicken baharat and I got the fatoush salad with falafel. Perhaps its an Italian thing, or just what we do but we of course, had to give each other a taste of what we ordered and I can't find one thing to complain about. The hummus was creamy and flavored just right, the chicken baharat (something I've never tried before) was fantastic - the mushrooms were incredibly tender and the flavors from all the different spices were phenomenal. I could easily see this sandwich being the perfect comfort food - especially on a colder day! My salad was like everything else, fantastic. The falafel had the most amazing crisp while being tender and insanely flavorful inside. The salad was fresh and nothing overpowered - there was just the right balance.

Our overall experience left nothing to complain about, and I would strongly recommend this place to anyone looking for something deliciously different. Our server was friendly and helpful, the food was incredible and I loved the funky decor. I cannot wait to return and perhaps bring others who have yet to try this WNY gem. Hopefully this time it won't take me years to return! ;)

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