Let's Go: Vidler's 5 & 10

As someone who has grown up and lived my entire life in the Western New York region, I can safely say that I've been to Vidler's a few times. It's a place in which you can easily get lost, or lose track of time, but in which you are highly likely to find at least one thing that you just *have* to have. Their selection covers nearly everything from classic candies, to housewares, toys, decor, ...and everything in between. For native WNY-ers, its a place you've likely been at least once, but for those unfamiliar with the store, I highly suggest you check it out.

 Their selection of cookie cutters is HUGE and covers every occasion you could think of!

 Their candle/bath & body section is ever-changing. I picked up a candle holder for wine bottles as I love to reuse (hoard) all things glass.

This is a VERY small section of their impressive candy section. The jars upon jars of chocolates were tempting me...

Vidler's has been around for 86 years and the building truly speaks to that - the character alone makes a trip worthwhile! Vidler's is located in East Aurora, New York, which features plenty of local and independent shops and eateries, making it ideal for a day trip. 

Tip: There is plenty of parking in back! Also, be sure to bring a dime or two to use the popcorn machine in the candy section!! :)

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