Valentine's Day Sugar Cookies

I'll take any excuse to bake - especially something themed. Every year I make cutouts for Christmas and over the years we have accumulated quite the collection of cookie cutters that are not for Christmas. Since I've never made cut-outs for any other holiday, I'm not quite sure why we've amassed such a collection. We had four different heart shaped cutters. Four. I decided this year was as good as any to start making cutouts for other occasions. Since hearts seemed to be dominating the cookie drawer (yes, there is a whole drawer dedicated to cookie decorating supplies), I started with some fun Valentines Day sugar cookies.

For these, I used a recipe from Sally's Baking Addiction. For my icing, I followed a recipe similar to the one she paired with her cookies, but instead of water and vanilla extract, I use milk and almond extract. To be honest, I often eyeball it when I make icings and just keep adding things together until I get the texture that I want. Note: If you want shiny icing - the corn syrup is important!!

The weather was quite crap out today so it felt appropriate to be making cut out cookies. Ironically, when it was actually holiday time, we had no snow. I think what I like about cut out cookies is the creativity that they allow. There is no right or wrong way to decorate them, just put on some tunes and have fun!

You could make these as a gift for someone for Valentines Day...or, you could just make them for yourself. No judgement. ;)

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