Deal Alert: Stock up price on Folgers coffee + Gift Card offer!

Good morning all! As I sip on my morning coffee, it seems like an appropriate time to share this deal with you. This week through Saturday (3/26) at Target, you can get Folgers coffee at (what I consider) a stock up price. To some, this might not be a good enough deal, but I know how much this coffee has gone up in price, and even without the gift cards this is a pretty sweet deal!

Right now all Folgers coffee is on sale at Target! This includes K-Cups for those who buy those instead (we buy the ground coffee and use reusable K-Cups - it's cheaper and more environmentally friendly!). However, the larger containers (24.2-30.5oz) that generally run around $8.59, are on sale this week for only $6.99! This alone is a great price, and an easy deal as it requires no coupons or promo codes!

You CAN make the deal even sweeter though by stocking up and taking advantage of the TWO gift card promotions the coffee is eligible for. For every three containers you purchase, you can receive a $5.00 gift card. However, if you really stock up and purchase 8 cans, you can earn $20.00 in gift cards!! You would receive two $5.00 gift cards from purchasing six cans, but you would also receive a $10.00 gift card from purchasing over $50.00 worth of grocery products!! I tested this out by bumping it up to 9 containers and it still worked and gave me an extra $5.00 gift card, for a total of $25.00 in gift cards on a $62.91 purchase.

Have a Red Card? You can save a little more bringing your total to about $59.76!! So if you deduct the gift card value, that's like getting the coffee for about $4.22/container!!! That's 50% off the normal price!! The red card would bring it down to less that $4.00 a container!! I'd definitely consider this a stock up price if you drink a lot of coffee (who doesn't??)!!

Happy shopping!! 

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