Herbivore Coco Rose (REVIEW)

One of the things that I tend to try a lot of is lip balms. I find that I am always struggling with chapped lips, and my quest for the perfect lip balm has never really been completely satisfied. I have found some pretty great near holy-grail products along the way though. One of which was Dior's Creme De Rose. Unfortunately I swear they changed their formula because when I purchased it a few months back, it just wasn't the same. Enter this lip conditioner from Herbivore.

I picked this up completely randomly, just curious to try a lip balm that I hadn't before. I liked that it had a simple list of ingredients and also, that it was cruelty-free which I strive for whenever possible.

I would definitely classify this as an alternative to the Dior Creme De Rose. I think they are both quite similar, although I prefer this lip conditioner to the Dior one. I suppose this could be considered a dupe for the Creme De Rose, however, this one is only slightly cheaper.

This is my first time trying anything from the Herbivore brand, and I am certainly intrigued. I'm all about more natural, cruelty-free options, and this brand seems to strive for that as well! If you have any suggestions as to what I should try next from the brand, please let me know!

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