March 2016 Favorites

There is no rhyme or reason to this list, it is merely a collection of things/people/etc. that I have enjoyed throughout the past month!

 -I'm a huge Instagram addict (follow me here!), and lately I've been loving posts from an account called Sweatpants and Coffee. They're nothing profound, just simple, quirky, often coffee-related little quotes that I enjoy seeing in my feed. Give them a look here! 

-Sometimes I feel like I will forever be on a quest for certain holy grail items, and that includes the perfect base/top coat. The Sally Hansen Complete Care Extra Moisturizing 4-in-1 Nail Treatment is a contender though! I bought it looking for something to give my nails a little tlc and this has helped, but I also learned that it would awesome as a base/top coat as well. I love that I can use this versus two products! The jury is still out as to whether it wins holy grail status...

-This coconut creamer from So Delicious has become an absolute must for me. I like a creamer that sweetens my coffee without completely overtaking the actual coffee. This does the trick and is dairy-free which has become a must for me (I've learned I need to watch my dairy intake). I love the taste and recently, they removed the carrageenan and titanium dioxide, simplifying the recipe more. It's also shelf stable until opened, which is great and allows me to always have an extra on hand without taking any valuable refrigerator space! When I was writing this post I found a great deal for it on Amazon actually so if you're looking to try it out, I strongly recommend grabbing this price!

-I'm often on the look out for a new shampoo/conditioner, and I was recently looking for something new to try as I was underwhelmed by my previous routine. When I saw the Vitamin E line from OGX it caught my eye. When I saw the claim that it helps with frizzy hair and split ends, I was intrigued. First off, this stuff smells AMAZING!! I can't get enough of the smell! I also love how it makes my hair feel clean, without being weighed down, or too dry. I can't say yet if it helps with split ends much, but I think it has made my hair a bit happier. It's also free of sulfates which often irritate my scalp, and cruelty-free! Woo!! Stay tuned for a review in the future!

-After finishing the blanket that I recently blogged about, I've moved on to other projects. Currently, I'm working with this yarn and I really really love it!! It's called Landscapes and is from Lion Brand (of course). It's a self striping yarn which I enjoy a lot. Right now, it looks to be on sale at Jo Ann Fabrics, though they're out of the color I purchased which is called Desert Spring. It's super soft and I'm loving the colorway!

-To go with my knitting, I often sit and watch The Golden Girls. In all honesty, it's not just a favorite this month, but one of my all-time favorite shows. Since I've seen it so many times, it's the perfect show to watch while knitting as I feel I don't have to pay my complete attention to it. Despite seeing some episodes a dozen times, it never gets old. I love the show so much, that I may or may not be focusing on it as part of my major capstone project for my degree. ;) No shame in my nerdiness!

Well, those are my favorites for the past month! I'd love to hear what you've been enjoying this month in the comments!!

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