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I love buying books, and collecting them perhaps even more than I enjoy reading them. Happiness is having stacks of books surrounding you! While I am actually quite neurotic about caring for my books and making sure they are in the best condition (you will NOT see me marking a page in any way!!), I do enjoy purchasing books used whenever possible as well. For someone who likes to read a lot, it can be a nice way of cutting down on the costs. Half.com is one of the places I like to browse for books, and today I thought I would share with you a recent little haul from there! Some of these are books that I have not read, while others are books that I used to own, that have since mysteriously vanished.

1. Middlesex , by Jeffrey Eugenides

2. The Bell Jar , by Sylvia Plath

4. The Price of Salt , by Patricia Highsmith

While I purchased all these books from Half.com, I have used Amazon links as the sellers on Half.com and availability change constantly. I don't want to recommend one seller over another as I cannot vouch for them. I will suggest however, that you always pay attention to a sellers feedback score. Also, keep in mind that shipping always adds about 3.99, so it is possible on occasion that a book will actually be cheaper new on Amazon than used! Always check prices!! When I look for books on Half.com, aside from checking these things, I also look for books that say they have not been marked in or highlighted at all. I also make sure they don't have any dog-eared pages (another pet peeve of mine!). I can say that I've been 90% successful when purchasing from Half.com sellers. It's a great option for when you're looking for a cheaper option, or if you desire a specific cover of a book (that's why I purchased The Bell Jar from Half.com, I wanted a specific cover!). I'm sure everyone knows all about Half.com as a book buying option, but hopefully this helps some of you out there! Happy reading!

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