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I watch quite a bit of YouTube and I thought that I would share with you some of the current stand-outs. I'm always on the lookout for something new, original and creative and I welcome any of your suggestions in the comments!

1. Shoot Film Series by Eduardo Pavez Goye - I discovered Eduardo through watching his wife, Fran. His shoot film series is seriously enjoyable to watch and I find that it always leaves me wanting to get out and take photos, whether with film or otherwise. The serious is just inspiring!!

2. What I ate in a day from Lauren Toyota - Lauren is part of the Hot for Food duo, but her What I ate in a day videos are how I came across her videos. While I am not vegan as Lauren is, her videos ALWAYS leave me ravenous and I love watching them for ideas. I find that I often fall into food ruts where I eat the same things over and over again and these videos often give me refreshing ideas. Also, I'm just one of those nosy weirdos who enjoys seeing what people eat. Oh and I find the music she uses for these videos to be oddly soothing. ;)

3. The Art Assignment - this channel is put together by PBS Digital Studios with Sarah Green and features new videos every week. The videos talk about the work of various artists and then encourage the viewers to create their own art, by giving them an art assignment. I love how unique this series is, and that it encourages the viewer to create something themselves (which is a common theme in the videos I am sharing today)!

4. Book Riot is a collaborative channel centered around reading/books in general. It's a great place to checkout if you are an avid reader, but its also great if you find yourself ever in a reading rut and need some inspiration.

5. Vlogbrothers - last but certainly not least is Vlogbrothers. The Vlogbrothers channel is done by Hank and John Green, and every week they post a new video each discussion various topics. The Green brothers are insanely smart and I find I often learn something new (or many things), from watching their videos. The community that they have created is such a wonderful space that encourages thought and creativity. If you aren't already subscribed to their channel(s), I strongly urge you to do so! DFTBA!

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