Outremer Eau De Toilette Vanille (REVIEW)

When my sister was home for break, we made one of our typical ventures to the mall, and as we normally do, went into Anthropologie to lust over, well, pretty much everything! I have always adored the clothing and housewares that Anthropologie sells, but on this trip I was particularly impressed by their beauty and perfume selection. I'm always on the hunt for new beauty products, and I love exploring new scents so their selection of perfumes was quite the perfect situation.

I love how nearly all the perfumes they had on display were ones I had never heard of before, and not the typical perfume you can grab anywhere. We spent a good twenty minutes oooh and ahhing over the packaging and smelling all the difference perfumes. It was overwhelming, but in a very good way!

I ended up picking up this perfume from Outremer. It is their Vanille eau de toilette and it smells like the very best kind of vanilla...like the vanilla you get excited to use when you're baking (you know, the good stuff!), or even perhaps, vanilla bean itself. It's a creamy, cozy, scent that isn't too intense or overpowering, yet lasts really well.

What is perhaps most impressive, is that this perfume was super affordable, especially considering the store I purchased it in (we all know how pricey Anthropologie can be!). This beautiful bottle (I mean, seriously! Look at that packaging!!) of perfume only cost $18.00!! It's likely the most inexpensive perfume I've ever purchased, and it's now my absolute favorite! I also love how the scent mingles with my Almond Supple Skin Oil, which I talked about recently. Together, they smell like the best cookie ever! If you're looking for a new perfume, you seriously need to go and check this one out!!

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