Wet & Wild Gel Polish (Review)

I have a tendency of hoarding makeup and nail polish is quite the addiction for me. I can't help but browse whenever I'm at the store and admittedly, I very rarely use the same color on multiple occasions, which is something I should try to do more. Since I try to purchase cruelty-free products whenever possible, I have learned that nail polish is a tricky area. Unfortunately many of my favorite brands, are not cruelty-free (if you know of any I should try, please let me know!!). I knew that Wet and Wild was, and when I saw that they had come out with a gel polish, I was immediately intrigued and knew I had to try it.

perhaps not the best paint job. This is real life, people! 

Not only is the polish cruelty-free, but its also a mere $5.00!! That's quite the price difference compared to a brand that was my favorite until I saw their polishes go up to $20.00 a pop! For someone who often uses a shade once, that is quite a hefty price! The Wet and Wild 1 Step Wonder Gel polishes definitely grabbed my curiosity and I had high hopes that the polish would be a winner.

First off, I love/hate the packaging. Overall, it's nice and certainly worked in grabbing my attention, but I wish I could see the color in the bottle. I do like the brush though - sometimes the thicker brushes are a little tricky for me to work with and this one is sort of in the middle size wise. I found that the polish applied really well, but that the drying time was a bit longer than other polishes I have used. I also wish that they had more colors. When I purchased mine, the colors were picked over and I didn't have too many options. I'd like some more lighter, less intense colors! I see a few on their website that I wish had been available when I picked mine up. Also, I did use a top coat (I use this one and love it!!) - more so out of habit than anything. They claim that you don't need one with this polish though.

I found that the polish lasted really, really well - especially considering its such an affordable drugstore polish. It didn't chip until about five days in, and nail polish always chips on me. I also found that it came off super easily when I wanted to remove it. I can't exactly criticize the gel claim as I've never had a proper gel manicure, but I will say that it looked "thicker" than the average polish when on my nails which I liked. So, affordable: check! quality: check! cruelty-free: check! In my opinion, this polish wins all around!! If you are looking for a $5.00 manicure, I'd highly recommend checking these polishes out!

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