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I'm sure that this is clear from some of my past posts, but in case it isn't: I love shopping. I wish I didn't, but it true that I do. Some of my favorite shopping though, is often what I call treasure hunting. I love going to antique stores, thrift shops, flea markets, farmers markets, etc. You never know what you mind find in these types of venues which makes the shopping more like an adventure. You can do this online too and I frequently do, through Ebay and my favorite; Etsy.

Etsy is nothing new, and most people have probably bought something from the site at some point over the years. You might even be a seller yourself (if you are - please share your shop in the comments!!). What I love about Etsy is that you can shop from small, local artisans on a global scale, all on one site. There are so many shops that it can often get overwhelming the hunt is what makes Etsy so great sometimes. Given my love for the site, I figured I would put together a wishlist of some items that I am currently lusting over!

1. This stained glass panel from Creative Glass n Crafts is gorgeous!! I have always wanted a stained glass panel, and I just LOVE the colors in this one! It's got a classic style and is beautifully done. LOVE! 

2. I love this Rhino drawing from Tall Girl Arts. Rhinos are my favorite animals (behind my labs of course!) and I just love this print. It's colorful and intricate and would look great framed on a wall. I just need to find the space! 

3. When I took my dog Nessie for obedience classes, it was suggested that I purchase a martingale collar. I did and it really made a big difference! I started walking one of our other dogs, Jewel with Nessie's collar recently and it helps so much. I'm not sure what it is exactly about the style but they're SO MUCH better than traditional collars. What I don't understand is why stores don't stock these collars!! I have yet to see one in a pet store! I've been looking to get another one so Jewel has her own and this chrysanthemum one is amazing! I absolutely love chrysanthemums (When I was really little, I felt proud that I could spell the word. Nerdy? Indeed.) and the detail on this collar is astounding. Also, can we talk about how great the same of this shop is? The Hound Haberdashery? Awesome. They have plenty of other absolutely gorgeous collars to choose from and I strongly suggest trying out a martingale collar if you haven't before!  

4. I'm a huge plant nerd and the consequence of that is often that space is in high demand. I have been wanted to get some more hanging planters but there aren't many (if any) stores around me locally that seem to cater to house plants enough, or at all. Etsy totally saves the day though and this hanging planter from Function Pottery is right up my alley!  

5. This set from Right Soap intrigues me because I'm always trying to find a way to be more eco friendly, and I like their hand knit scrubbies! You can choose from a multitude of colors but I'm really attracted to this deep gray.  

6. I've been wanted to properly mark some of my plants and these plant markers from From Artisan Hands, combine function with aesthetics.  You can pick what plants you want labels for which makes them even better! 

7. I'm honestly not that big into jewelry, but I really love this necklace from Freshy Fig. It's dainty, which is what I generally strive for and I love the style of the abalone. 

I'd love to know what you've been loving on Etsy lately, so please leave some links in the comments!! Oh and if you didn't know, I also have an Etsy shop, where I sell vintage finds, and possibly in the future: some handmade wares! Right now you can get 10% off by using the code GRAD16! Check it out and stay tuned!!

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