Let's Go: Ode to CMAC - Canandaigua, New York

Music has always been a big part of my life, and I can still remember the first time I went to a real concert. Over the years, my concert attendance has dropped, and it's due to a number of reasons. I don't particularly enjoy large crowds, but I really dislike large inebriated out of control crowds. I also feel like the cost of attending a concert has significantly risen over the years. If I'm going to pay a lot of money to go out and see a band/musician live, I'd like the evening not to be ruined by a rude crowd or a shitty venue thank you very much! So I've learned over the years from the concerts that I've attended and I'm now far more mindful before I'll go out to a show.

I actually live not too far from a venue that has a pretty long line up of shows every summer. However, I haven't been there in a number of years because to be completely honest, the place is a joke. A giant cesspool of a joke (with pretty inadequate sound to boot). I generally dread when a band I like says they're coming to this particular venue, and in many instances, have passed on the show.

With that being said, there is however, a venue that is about a 1-2 hour drive from me, that I absolutely adore. The grounds are clean and the crowds can be a bit more considerate. That venue, is of course, CMAC! 

What isn't to love about CMAC?! First off, they get the basic amenities down and done right. The parking lots are manageable, the bathrooms are clean, and they offer edible food. Perhaps these don't seem like lofty goals, but after a concert or two at Darien Lake, you can start pretty basic.

The grounds of the venue actually reside on a college campus, which perhaps is why it's so gorgeous? Or maybe it's just that finger lakes juju... either way, the grounds are clean, welcoming and beautiful. I generally opt for lawn seating and their lawn is absolutely my favorite.

This year we did seats for the first time when we attended their season opener - a musician I grew up on (and one of many on my list of I want to see them at least once in my lifetime!) - Jackson Browne. Seats were the only option offered for this show but they worked out. We had a pretty decent view of the stage (I'm short so this is a rarity), the people around me were more or less decent, and the sound was good from the spot I was at.

Jackson Browne put on an amazing show in my opinion and played a few of the songs that I really hoped he would. In my opinion, the sound was a little unbalanced, and there were times I felt he was drowned out by other instruments, which I think was a technical issue with whomever was working the sound. But regardless of that, it was still a wonderful show - and certainly a great way to kick off the summer!

If you ever find yourself with the opportunity to catch a show at CMAC, I fully and completely endorse doing so!! I've seen some great shows/artists there (Allman Bros, Bob Dylan, Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds, and now, Jackson Browne!). You won't regret it!!

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