May 2016 Favorites

Long time, no post! Well, May is done and behind us now and that means that another semester has come to a close. This semester however, is different in some ways from previous ones as it was my final semester toward my bachelors degree. I have officially completed the courses needed for my BA in Sociology! I'm thinking about writing up a little post regarding my experience with that, and also, my thoughts on the school I attended, so perhaps more on that later? Let me know if that might be something you'd want to read!

Anyway, while I took a break from the blog for a month, I still had plenty of favorites, so I figured what better way to come back than with a monthly favorites post!

1. Hot in Cleveland - I actually started watching the show for my capstone and all I can say is that what was I thinking not watching it sooner!? I'm still in the midst of catching up but I'm absolutely loving the show!! I only had to watch five episodes for my research, but I ended up powering through the first season without realizing. Now I'm completely hooked. I've been watching on Hulu, but I really think that I need this DVD set in my life? Over the summer I have the hopes of getting through the entire series!

2. This green tea with toasted rice is a recent discovery and I'm really enjoying it. I think the taste is likely not for everyone has it has a different, perhaps earthy taste? (I really suck at describing tastes!) But it's nice and I like that it's a great tea that doesn't instantly make me nauseous as I have found some do. The bags get thrown in the compost too, so it’s zero waste and zero guilt!

3. On a completely different side of the spectrum, are the not at all healthy, and totally indulgent, Cadbury fingers. I would like to give Wegmans a great big THANK YOU for stocking these as they are one of the rare ways in which I can get my hands on Cadbury that hasn’t been totally screwed by Hershey’s!! I keep these by my bedside (yes, you read that right) for a reading/knitting treat. ;)

4. Going back to the healthier side with a juice brand I discovered this month. I picked up a couple of juices from True Organic juice when I wasn’t feeling well and holy moly, I am so glad that I did! Perhaps they tasted even better because I wasn’t feeling well but the ones I picked up (a mango one and a strawberry banana) were soooo good. I especially liked the mango! I only wish that they were stocked closer to where I live, and not nearly an hour away. The company gets major points for their customer service as they were super kind and sent me some coupons and True Organic swag. Seriously, if you happen across these, give them a try!!!

5. Fiddle leaf fig plants – I have wanted a fiddle leaf fig plant for years and I finally just bought one. I lust over them on Pinterest and Instagram, so it was definitely time. He’s (yes, he – his name is Ferdinand) been doing well for about a month, so things are going well so far!

6. Heartland Thick and Quick – It shouldn't come as any surprise that I have fallen in love with another Lion Brand yarn, but I’m currently working on a blanket for my sister with this yarn and it is such a dream to work with! The yarn itself is so soft and the blanket is like a cozy cloud. The skeins are smaller so it is taking about 14 skeins total to make her blanket (using the pattern I followed in my blanket post), but it’s absolutely worth it with this yarn!! I’m using the color Joshua Tree, which is a total beaut.

That’s it for this month, now tell me: what have YOU been loving this month??

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