Rainy Day activity: Adult Coloring Boooks

When I was little, I loved to draw, color, and play with art supplies. I can't honestly say that I believe I was any good, but it was fun to get lost doodling surrounded by the smell of Crayola and paper (I like weird smells...). I grew up demanding Crayola and was a bit of a snob when it came to art supplies (You couldn't get me to use a Rose Art crayon...blegh!). Unfortunately I cannot say that I draw much anymore, but with the craze surrounding adult coloring books, I've picked up a few books and have rekindled my love for coloring.

What I love about coloring is that you can totally get lost in it! It doesn't require an extreme amount of focus or talent even (woo for me!). You can just pick some colors and go to town.  There aren't any rules re: color or medium and it's more about the process rather than the end result.

Right now I have two coloring books, one is an animal focused one and the other is Harry Potter themed. There are thousands of different coloring books out there and you're sure to find one that suits your tastes!

Coloring goes beyond just being enjoyable and can actually feel quite therapeutic. It's nice to just step away from technology, and life in general for a little bit and get lost in something that lets you shut out the world. It can be stress-relieving and recently, I found it was perfect for filling in some time on a rainy day I had planned to spend out in the garden.

Another bonus is that coloring can actually be a pretty frugal activity. Coloring books (adult and otherwise) are everywhere now and you can pick up a book and some drawing supplies (I use Prismacolor pencils that I got for a steal on Amazon!) for pretty cheap!

I'd love to know what some of your favorite coloring books are, and also what you like to draw with! I'm a bit of a nerd when it comes to art & office supplies, so this is right up my alley! ;)

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