September 2016 - Monthly Favorites

 F A V O R I T E S

I haven't done a favorites post in awhile, and I feel like this month I discovered (or rediscovered) a lot of great things worth sharing. So without any further blabbing, here are my September favorites:

Pacifica Rainbow Top Coat- This month I was finally able to try out Pacifica nail polishes.When I first heard they were coming out with a line of polishes, I was instantly intrigued and I wanted to try them out. I initially thought Target would be carrying them, but they never did and in all honesty, the Pacifica selection at my local target is not only incredibly underwhelming, but its always a trashed mess. Earlier this month I was browsing Ulta and I came across the Pacifica polishes in store. I was excited to be able to actually see the shades in store rather than having to buy them online and picked up a bunch of shades to try out. I'm considering doing a stand alone post all about the Pacifica nail polish line, but the polish I absolutely loved this month was definitely the rainbow top coat. This polish is CRAZY!! It's a gorgeous shimmery, sort of duo-chrome-y super fine gray-toned iridescent top coat that goes on amazingly well with impressive coverage (how's that for a description??). I used a gray color underneath, but I don't know if I even needed to with the way this polish performs. It also lasts really, really well, and comes off easy with none of that regret that glitter polishes can cause when you're battling to take them off and going through half a packet of cotton rounds. This polish is a total win!

Wegmans Popcorn - Much to the discontent of my teeth, I really love popcorn. This is nothing new, but this month I've been really enjoying the organic bagged popcorn from Wegmans, that is made with Himalayan sea salt and olive oil. It's a more guilt free snack, is usually super fresh and perfectly oiled and salted. It's the perfect snack for my late night Golden Girls/Frasier sessions. Sometimes it is difficult to put the bag down, but hey, there's worse things to snack on! If you have a Wegmans near you, I suggest you try this stuff if you haven't already!

Alaffia Lavender Spice Soap - I really, really, really, hope this is not a seasonal item. If it is though, I'm going to want to stock up!!! Alaffia is one of my favorite brands and this soap is soooo good. The smell is just incredible and I can't get enough of it. It's also just a really decent soap and doesn't leave my hands feeling super dry. But seriously - it's the smell that wins here. Lavender is an alright scent on its own, but this pairing is cozy and smoky and perfect for Fall! It's also super affordable, and cruelty free!

Hedwig soundtrack from the movie - This is the music I've had on loop all month. I'm currently taking a course that explores cultural diversity through musicals, so I blame that class, but this is just a really great soundtrack. I would have loved to see Hedwig on the stage! My favorite song is definitely Origin of Love - it's an incredible epic told through song.

OCHO chocolatates - In a recent post, I discussed the world of chocolate and how I was going to try and purchase only fair trade chocolates. This month in my search for some good chocolate alternatives, I came across OCHO at Target. I picked up their coconut and peanut butter ones. The coconut ones are definitely the winners (No hate against the peanut butter). They're like a mounds bar with a conscience (one of my favorite chocolates). They're not only fair trade and organic, but they're also gluten free, which is great as I've given up gluten about a month ago. If you find yourself in a Target (who doesn't??), I suggest you give this brand a try!! They make some awesome chocolates and without any of the bag ju-ju associated with the chocolate industry!

Years by Bartholomäus Traubeck - I was listening to NPR earlier this month and they were discussion a man who had produced music through the use of tree rings from a variety of different woods in an Austrian forrest. Sounds crazy, right? Well, you've got to listen to this music! It's bizarre, haunting and just plain incredible. My favorite track is Picea (Ash).

Dinato DiCamillo photography - The photography this man creates is haunting, but in a good way. Dinato taught himself photography while he was incarcerated, and upon his release, has really honed his craft. I strongly urge you to check out his Instagram feed. He captures aspects of society which so many choose to ignore, or simply do not consider. His work is poignant.

 I'd love to know what you enjoyed this month - I welcome you to leave your favorites in the comments! 

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