American Housewife: Review

I was a huge fan of Mike and Molly. It was easily one of my favorite shows and I always looked forward to my thirty minute laugh therapy sessions every week. When I heard that it was cancelled, I was incredibly sad. I think the show had a lot of potential left and I was sad to see it, and the actors go! So when I heard that Katy Mixon (who played Molly's hilarious sister) had a new show called American Housewife, I quickly searched out the trailer online. Once I got a glimpse at what the show was slated to be like, I couldn't wait to see it!

First off I'll just say that I wish the show was on just thirty minutes later. I've a loyal NCIS watcher so I ended up recording American Housewife and watching it a half hour after it aired.

The show definitely has The Middle-esque vibes in that it criticizes the idyllic American suburban lifestyle. I love that. I wrote my final project for my capstone course for my Bachelors all about television families and nothing gets me more than a perhaps dysfunctional, yet honest representation.

I also enjoyed the Sex and the City, Carrie Bradshaw style narration. Katie (Katy Mixon) narrates the show with her thoughts from time to time and I think that made for more comedic opportunity.

The children on the show are all quirky with their own issues and much of the comedy comes from there, as well as the families life in general, but the bulk of the comedy (in the pilot episode, anyway) came from Katie and her thoughts/feelings toward body image. Katie is a curvier girl, especially in contrast to the other suburbanite moms and I was curious to see where the show would take this dynamic. So far, I can say that I was immensely pleased. I was worried that there would be a level of fat-shaming from Katie as she endures life in suburbia, but I didn't really get that vibe in this first episode. I hope that the show continues to challenge the body/beauty ideals that exist within our society and encourage body positivity (there is NO room for negativity....Katy Mixon looks AMAZING!). We could all benefit from a little less shaming, and a lot more positivity!

I will definitely return next week and I can see this show being a hit. I'm happy to see that some of the Mike & Molly gang has found new projects to immerse themselves in and I wish Katy and her new TV family all the best!

You can catch American Housewife on ABC!

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