Fall Neutrals: Butter London

As much as I love fall colors, I don't always want to paint my nails with oranges, reds, or deep browns. I wanted to find some nail polish options that weren't the typical fall colors and after some searching, I came across these two pretty babies from Butter London.

I love how muted these shades are. They're neutrals, but they have a bit of color to them and don't fall completely flat. I think they're the perfect way to do a neutral fall manicure!

I've loved nearly every shade that I've tried from Butter London and these did not disappoint. They're from the Patent Shine 10x line and they definitely live up to that claim! In addition, they're cruelty-free, which is something I always strive toward choosing.

The color on my nails is a khaki-esque grey tone called Yummy Mummy, and the other is a cooler creamy grey toned color called Ta-Ta! 

They may not be traditional fall shades, but I think they're a nice change! 

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