Neutral Knits: Fall Sweater Roundup

As a huge fan of neutrals, I find that even during the colder months, there can be something refreshing about going for a lighter shade. Black is generally my staple, go-to color year round, but lately I find that I've been drawn to knitwear in lighter colors. I've put together a round-up of some neutral knits that I find appealing which I think would be perfect for Fall/Winter:

This sweater is from a Nordstrom House line called BP. I like that BP. offers style and affordability. As style tends to change on a whim for me, and of course, from season to season, I find that I don't always want to spend too much on a piece of clothing. I'm also into simple and casual. I like that this sweater is simplistic with the mock neck and ribbing. 

I think this sweater would be great with leggings, which is a standard for me during the cooler months. I like the cozy look of the cowl neck, and the length seems just right.

This sweater goes for the cold shoulder style that has become quite popular. I like that its simplistic enough with a more conservative opening as some tops have quite a large cold shoulder. The price is pretty steep, but I like the idea of it anyway!

I'll admit...when I saw this sweater, I instantly felt like it would be something that Lucy Liu would wear as Watson on Elementary (I'm a huge fan of the show!). It's not completely far fetched as Rag & Bone is a brand her character often wears. I like that this sweater is neutral in color and style while also being different and having a little something unique to it. The price is again up there but I couldn't not include it. It's just pretty to look at!!

This BP. sweater offers another staple piece at a great price. I like that the back is longer, which makes it great for wearing with leggings, and it just looks like a comfy cozy sweater!

This sweater from Top Shop really draws me in. I love the colors offered and honestly, it's difficult to pick which I prefer! I also like that it has simple detailing in the zip, while still being a fairly simple and neutral sweater. 

This is another rather indulgent piece and technically it's a sweatshirt and not a sweater, but there is something about this that really grabs my attention. I like the slightly distressed appearance and the layers that this piece has. I also love the color. It's got quite a hefty price tag though so I'll just have to look at it from a far. ;)

Last but not least is this sweater from Topshop. Last year they had a similar piece that I lusted after. It sold out in my size really quickly so I never ended up picking it up. This year, I think I like this version even more. I like the tail and the layered look and of course the gray color wins in my book.

Hopefully this collection can help you to think outside the box of darker colors and jewel tones (not that there is anything wrong with that), that are often so popular during the Fall & Winter. Feel free to share your favorites, and your thoughts in the comments! 

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