Spend vs. Splurge: The Battle of the Dry Shampoos.

Over the years I've been on a mission. It's been a complicated mission, full of ups and downs... and I think I might have finally completed it. I've been searching for years for a good dry shampoo. One that really works for my hair. There have been plenty of fails along the way and recently I put two more to the test.

I tried out the Drybar Dry shampoo, which I picked up as a travel size while I was waiting in line at Ulta, as well as a drug store option from Pantene, which I grabbed from Target recently.

The Drybar Detox Dry Shampoo was $13.99 for a travel size bottle (!!) which in my opinion, is quite a hefty price tag. I have long hair and I could see this being a two time deal... if that. The full size bottle is $23 and you get 3.5 oz. Again, this is pretty pricey in my opinion!

I also picked up the Pantene Pro-V dry shampoo, which was $4.99 (ahhhh, much better!) at Target. You get almost five ounces for that price, so it's larger than the full size dry bar and cheaper than the travel size! That certainly gives it points in my book.

I first tried out the Drybar Detox Dry shampoo. The scent of it was alright, but I did find it a bit chemically and the fumes really lingered for a bit. After spraying my hair as I normally do with a dry shampoo I looked in my mirror and was quite shocked. This product really gives off a strong white cast!! I have really dark brown hair so that's definitely something I consider when trying dry shampoo out and its often the deal breaker. Sometimes the white cast comes out easily, but in the case of this dry shampoo, no matter how I massaged or brushed my hair, the white cast just stayed put. If I was trying to make my hair look grey so I could be a Golden Girl for Halloween, then this stuff is great! However, I wasn't going for granny chic...

When trying the Pantene, I have to admit that I was a bit scared. It has been a really long time since I have tried anything from Pantene and I wasn't holding out too much hope for this product. I sprayed my hair as I did before and this time when I looked in the mirror, there was NO white cast to be seen WHATSOEVER!! It also smelled really great and I found that the fumes did not linger as much as the Dry Bar shampoo did. It helped reduce the oil in my hair, while also giving me a little volume which is always an added bonus!

Overall, the winner in this duel is hands down, Pantene! I was pleasantly surprised by this dry shampoo. Don't overlook this one next time you're browsing through the drug store. For $4.99,  I think the Pantene Pro-V dry shampoo was a real winner! Especially if you have darker hair like me.

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