Wet N' Wild Sequins & Stardust Haul + Swatches

I try to avoid that impulsive want to grab any and all makeup releases but sometimes, you just have to and the Sequins & Stardust collection from Wet N' Wild is a perfect example of that.

The collection launched in September and it's clear from Instagram & YouTube that the star of the show is their new limited edition highlighting gold bar. I've heard that it can be quite difficult to get your hands on, but luckily for me, I live out in the sticks and when I hit up Rite Aid this weekend, they had the complete collection - including this elusive highlighter.

I ended up picking up the highlighting gold bar, two of the loose pigments, and two of the polishes. The polishes I grabbed were R-U-Free-2-Dance?, and I Dream of Jean Genie. They're both from the megalast line which means they have the wider brush which is far easier to work with than their thinner brush IMO.  R-U-Free-2-Dance seems to be a topcoat, or a sheer color on its own with a gorgeous iridescent blue/pink toned color with micro-glitter. I find that I'm often drawn to sparkly things and this definitely drew me in. I Dream of Jean Genie is a creamy denim toned blue with gold micro-glitter and I felt that it was different than anything I've seen before, or own, so I grabbed that as well. I haven't tried them out on the nail yet, but when I do I will try to report back with my thoughts!

The highlighter, which was what brought me in in the first place is just as gorgeous as it looks in photos. It's a wonderful gold that I think will work well with many skin tones. The packaging is nice with a mirror that slides out in back. I've included swatches of the highlighter - the top swatch is just the gold, and the bottom is with the star color as well, which is more of a rose gold color. I think that this will work well as a highlight, and I could also see using it as a eye shadow!

I also grabbed two of the loose pigments. The packaging on these really impressed me. They have an easy to open flip cap underneath the black cap which makes them far easier to manage. It's hard to believe that they only cost $2.99 (I actually picked them up for $1.49 as there was a sale)!!  I grabbed Dom & Cherry on Top, and Heart of Rose Gold.

In the swatches the first color (left) is Heart of Rose gold which is absolutely gorgeous and incredibly pigmented. The right color is Dom & Cherry on Top and I found that to be a bit less pigmented. I shook out quite a bit of pigment to get that deep a swatch.

Overall though, I'm incredibly impressed with this collection. I feel like Wet N Wild keeps stepping up their game and impressing me more and more. The real winner for me though, is that all of their products are cruelty free. It just proves that gorgeous products can exist without animal testing! and at affordable prices too!

**TIP: Wet N Wild is currently buy 1 get 1 50% off at Rite Aid so if you're looking to pick up something from this new collection, I'd suggest you do so soon!!** 

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