Alton Brown's Peanut Butter Cookies + Everyday Cook Review

I remember years ago, how much I used to love getting lost in a marathon of Good Eats episodes. No cooking show has ever engaged me to the level that Alton Brown did on that show. From his quirky behavior to his sarcastic sense of humor, the show never failed to draw me in, and teach me something new...or a few things - Alton Brown is an overwhelming wealth of knowledge!

I know that Brown has come out with many a cookbook over the years, but for some reason, I can honestly say that I've never picked one up. Until now. I pre-ordered Everyday Cook and anticipated its arrival for weeks. When it came, I overlooked the fact that Amazon dinked the corner of my copy (I'm a bit OCD about my books...and in all honesty, Amazon frequently sends me books that have been damaged in some way and often shipped quite haplessly, but I digress) and immediately sat down to start paging through it.

Holy wow is this book INCREDIBLE!! I can honestly say that I was blown away and with every turn of a page, I was falling more and more in love. It can be hard to find a book that has so many recipes that appeal to me, but this one does. I guess that's part of why its called Everyday Cook? The recipes can get a bit detailed, but that is just keeping with Alton Browns style and its what makes him unique. I like his style, so it's not really a surprise that I like this book.

You also get a clear sense of his sarcastic personality throughout the book which I appreciate. It feels like a cookbook for real people. It doesn't have a snobbish, pretentious vibe or make me feel judged like some cookbooks have the potential of doing. It's raw, real and full of delicious looking, and inspiring food.

What probably won me over the most with Everyday Cook, is the photography & presentation. For me, food photography is important. It's what pulls me into a recipe, or gets my mouth watering, or makes me want to stop everything and get into the kitchen. This book is full from start to finish of recipes like that. Want to know the most brilliant part? All of the photos for the book were taken with an iPhone. Yep, a friggin' iPhone. I LOVE THAT!! Honestly, I find that while I have a nice big honking camera with different lenses and all that jazz, I often get the best photos from my phone. It's a frustrating, yet fascinating thing sometimes. I love that this book was done with a phone.

This weekend I've been really in the mood to bake. Last night I made a gluten-free banana bread (vegan), and then there were a few failed attempts at a pumpkin bread (Thank you Wegmans and your bad canned pumpkin!! Grr....). Today I decided to go with one of the recipes from Alton Brown's book that I've been dying to try: his peanut butter cookies. They're gluten-free (good for me, but something he notes that he could care less about), don't require me using the mixer (read: doesn't require me cleaning the mixer),  and comes together with only a few ingredients, fairly quickly. Win, Win, Win. As for the cookies? They came out delicious and I would highly recommend you grab this book!!

My little helper. Peanut butter cookies you say? YES PLEASE!!

I won't go sharing the recipe here because I truly do think that everyone needs to grab this cookbook. Not all cookbooks are worth buying for me, but this one is, without question. If even for the food photography alone, which will without a doubt inspire you to get in the kitchen. But the recipes...they're refreshing, they're simple, they're different....there is easily something for everyone. I mean, the cover alone!! Those fries!!!

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