Five Songs for Friday - Ani DiFranco

Five Songs for Friday is a post I've done here on the blog in the past. It sort of became buried by other posts but today I wanted to post a new FSF post, but with a twist.

This edition of Five Songs for Friday is entirely from one artist: Ani DiFranco. I have been an Ani fan for as long as I remember. I distinctly remember picking up her album Up Up Up Up Up Up on cassette (yes, you read that correctly) from the library at random. I am so very glad I did because her music is one of the few musicians that have truly stayed with me throughout my life. I've seen her live, many times. I have one of her song titles as a tattoo. Needless to say, I am definitely a lifetime fan.

However,  I didn't decide to share her music today merely because she is one of my favorites. I'm sharing it because her songs have often been rooted in activism with political themes or calls of social justice and equality. Given our current climate, I think her songs - whether they were written fifteen years ago or last year, are so very timely. If you aren't a fan of hers, or even music like hers, I still urge you to listen to the songs I've selected. Look up the lyrics. Think about them.

Ani's music is one of the things that has felt like therapy this past week or so post-election.

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