Frugal Home: Spice Jar Labels for under Ten Dollars.

In this house, we do a lot of cooking. We also do a lot of baking. Inevitably, we have acquired quite the collection of herbs and spices. Most of them are in glass jars and while some spices are fairly identifiable (like turmeric for example), some aren't as clear (baking soda vs. cream of tartar). I've gone back and forth on the best way to label all the jars, and it's taken me at least two years to finally act and label the damn things. Some of the ideas I've toyed with would have been a bit pricey, but the idea I ended up going with? About nine bucks.

What I ended up doing is picking up an embossing label maker from Amazon. I knew I wanted something simple and clean. I also know I wanted black labels. I don't know why, it's just what I decided in my neurotic mind.

I went with the Dymo Handheld Embossing Label Maker, which was less than nine dollars on Amazon (and prime too!). It's wildly simple, super easy to use, and what's great is that I can use this label maker for other OCD adventures in the future (I will try to not label the entire house...).

We used to slap stickers on the bottom of the jars from the bulk containers they came in, but now when I open the cabinet I can easily tell what jar is what without turning them all over. Such a small difference but a big one all the same.

Seriously, if you want to make all your neurotic dreams come true, I urge you to grab one of these babies!

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