Ten Reasons Why You Should Vote for Hillary Clinton

The election is days away. Tension is running high and anxiety is ramping up. I don't hide my support for Hillary, so here are ten quick reasons why I think Hillary is the answer.

1. She has years of experience, and knows how to work well under pressure. Do you really want a hyper-reactive inexperienced, egomaniac with an anger problem controlling our nuclear weapons??

2. She cares about children. From supporting families with paid-family leave, to ensuring that our citizens are able to gain a competitive education from Pre-K through college, Hillary has children and our nation's future as a top priority.

3. She respects a woman's right to choose. When it comes to women's rights, Hillary has been a champion from the start. Trump and his minions will do all that they can to go back in time and erase history. He is a danger to women.

4. Hillary believes in, and supports equal rights for all. We live in a vastly diverse nation, and Hillary not only respects that, but embraces it.

5. Hillary has a thick skin. She has been in the public eye for decades now and has dealt with more than her fair share of criticism. She has been scrutinized left and right and she never gives in to the bullies, no matter how ludicrous they are. She can handle the presidency without question. 

6. She understands and acknowledges the threat of climate change. She doesn't deny global warming, and understands that we have to act against it.

7. She can really rock a pant suit. I mean, come on. She doesn't mess around. Especially when she busts out the leather jacket!

8. She cares about all Americans. She doesn't exclude people of different ethnicity, sexuality, abilities or races. Inclusivity is imperative.This country is what it is because of our diversity.

9. Hillary cares about gun control. She isn't afraid to stand up to gun lobbyists and will fight for reform to keep all Americans safe.


10. When they go low, Hillary goes high. Hillary will guide our country into the future, continuing the ground work set in place by President Obama. No matter what gets in her way. She will carry on his legacy, not destroy it.

I hope that you will make a plan to vote early if you can in your state, or to go vote on Tuesday, November 8th. We need to protect our country, and the future for all of its citizens!! #ImWithHer

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