Used Book Haul: Thrift Shop

This past week has been a rough one if I'm honest. I'm sure that has been made clear on here. I've been feeling pretty down, and this article from the Huffington Post describes my feels pretty well. I tried to give myself a break from everything the other day and went out to one of my favorite places: the thrift shop. I love thrift stores because you never know what you might find, and I find that mystery alluring. Getting a good deal also isn't bad. I picked up some books while I was there and I figured a small book haul was in order!

The Lone Ranger and Tonto Fist Fight in Heaven - I picked up a book from Sherman Alexie - I've read one of his books before and really enjoyed it. The name escapes me right now (I'm still on my first cup of coffee), but when I saw this I had to grab it. It's pretty worn, and I've talked about how OCD I can be in terms of a book and its condition, but my rules generally go out the window with used books.

Veils - This book is a collection of short stories from Nahid Rachlin, documents the experiences of Iranian immigrants in both the United States and Iran. I'm always interested in stories like this.

The Meaning of Matthew - This book comes from Judy Shepard, the mother of Matthew Shepard. If you haven't heard about Matthew before, then I suggest you look up his story. I didn't know she had a book, but I'm looking forward to reading it. I'm sure tissues will be required.

The Girls We Leave Behind: A terribly scientific study of American Women At Home - Now, this book attracted my attention both by title and appearance. You never know what sort of interesting things you might find at the thrift store. It was written in 1963 (the nerd in me appreciates that this copy is a first edition), and by a man. So for those two reasons, its very likely that this book from Jerome Beatty Jr., will likely irritate me in some way. However, it had me at "sociological study" and just from its appearance in general. For $1.00, I couldn't walk away!

The Twelve Tribes of Hattie - written by Ayana Mathis, this book tells the story of a family who moves to the United States from Georgia. Like I said above, stories concerning immigrants always grab my attention. That's what makes this country so unique.

When you've got some time to spare, I strongly encourage you to take a browse of the books at your local thrift store. There is guaranteed to be a lot of shit. But you also never know what you might find. I grabbed all of these books, a tote bag, a fleece jacket, and some music for about ten bucks. The music might have been the best part if I'm honest. Feeling bummed by current events, I wanted a break from NPR. I tried to pop in a CD (yes, CD's), only to realize that my CD player in my car had stopped working. So at the thrift store I browsed the cassette tapes (even more throwback) and happened upon Bruce Springsteen's Born in the USA. I paid $0.49 for it and it really made me feel better (it not also a bit sad). I felt like I was driving around with my own secret liberal anthem of sorts. So seriously - go thrifiting. It's the best kind of retail therapy.

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